14 of the best-smelling candles

14 of the best-smelling candles

One of the most commonly asked questions in the beautyheaven office is, “do you have any matches?” It’s not because we’re closet pyromaniacs; we just have a slightly unhealthy obsession with candles. In winter, the addiction seems to go into overdrive – it’s as if we believe one little flame can warm us all up. But while it may not have the same effect as ducted heating, when the scent of a burning candle is so amazing, it can make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. So the next time you’re having a dreary day, try lighting up one of these beauties…

Ecoya Limited Edition Winter Berries & Sweet Peppercorn

“It was love at first smell! This is a really different scent for me (normally I go for rose, burnt fig or coconut and lime), but I just couldn’t go past that rich, berry aroma. It literally smells like a bowl of winter berries – yum! While I probably wouldn’t burn this all year round, it’s the perfect candle to light up in the cooler months. Someone once told me you can use the wax of Ecoya candles as moisturiser, so I’ve been doing that with this one and now my skin smells just as good!” – Astrid

Glasshouse Tahaa Vanilla Caramel Triple Scented Candle

“I have a solid candle collection, but this goodie from Glasshouse is my fave. I’m really into scents that smell good enough to eat, and with notes of vanilla, caramel and fresh coconut, the Tahaa candle is as gourmet as they come! Plus, it reminds me of a tropical island, which I don’t mind at all. It’s really fragrant, so you only need to burn it for a few minutes for the scent to stick around for a couple of hours.” – Katia

In Essence Zanzibar Aromatic Candle

“With a mixture of vanilla, cinnamon and clove, this candle is beautiful to sniff and even better to burn. It has a subtle yet settling scent that lingers well to calm the room and your mood, making you feel right at home. The candle itself is white with a silver lid – simple but classy.” – Issy 


MOR Rosa Noir Deluxe Candle

“First things first, the jar this candle comes in is super chic: it’s black, textured and comes with a lid. Winning. I’m not usually a fan of floral fragrances, but I fell in love with the combination in this candle. It has hints of rose, freesia and sandalwood, but isn’t too overpowering. It fills the room easily but doesn’t burn too quickly – snaps to MOR for this beauty!” – Anna

Jo Malone Home Candle in Orange Blossom

“I love this candle because it has a subtly refreshing scent with just a hint of citrus that’s not overly ‘fruity’. The glass jar looks fabulous in any room of the house (and is simple-looking enough for my husband not to veto it for being ‘too girly’!). It’s a bit on the pricy side, but I find that it burns for hours and hours on end – and it does so evenly, so you can literally use up every little inch of the candle.” – Debbie

Aveda Shampure Soy Wax Candle

This candle has a lovely fresh, clean scent that doesn’t dominate. It’s great for the sitting room!” – Janet

Ralph Lauren Joshua Tree Candle

“The prince of prep, Ralph Lauren, does a mean candle. My favourite is Joshua Tree ($60, www.ralphlauren.com), which combines notes of tobacco flower, patchouli, sandalwood and vanilla. It’s an earthy concoction that makes me dream of road trips through the Californian desert (which is what the candle is named after). The candle burns through quite quickly, but makes up for it in strength of scent and shiny, gold packaging. It’s a glam accessory for the house!” – Sarah

Circa Home 1998 Mango & Papaya Classic Candle

“I love candles and the scent of this one is so delicious. I can almost taste the mango! It’s ideal for anyone who wants their house to smell like a tropical getaway – it really brings back that summer feel. It can become quite strong though, so I wouldn’t leave it burning for too long, unless you have a big room to fill!” – Laura

Diptyque Baies

“My favourite scented candle of all time is definitely Diptyque Baies! The fragrance fills up the room even when the candle isn’t burning, making the exy price tag easier to justify.” – Aja ($78, mecca.com.au)

Vanessa Megan Darling Candle

“I’m in love with the Vanessa Megan range of candles, especially since they’re all natural. But my favourite has to be the Darling Candle. I light it every night when I have a bath and it makes me feel like I’m in an exotic spa! It smells delicious and it’s great for the environment – that’s a win for me.” – Vanessa

Gascoigne & King Grace Candle

“My favourite candle right now is Gascoigne & King Grace, which has a delicious rose-inspired scent that lingers in my bedroom for hours.” – Beth ($55, www.gascoigneandking.com)

L’OCCITANE Verbena Candle

“I’ll also always have a soft spot for the L’OCCITANE Verbena Candle, which is really fresh and uplifting. It’s slightly smaller so it fits perfectly on my bedside table. I’ve gone through about four of them!” – Beth

Mud Australia 01

“This candle has such a gorgeous blend of tuberose, green ginger, jasmine and tolu balsam. The scent is by one of my good friends, perfumer Ainslie Walker, and it comes in a refillable, reusable ceramic vessel by Mud, which is available in a range of beautiful colours.” – Kellie ($100, mudaustralia.com)

La Maison Glasshouse Candle No.3 Gardenia Inoubliable

“Having grown up with gorgeous gardenia bushes in my garden, I was so excited to take this candle home with me. Gardenia is a scent I automatically associate with balmy summer nights and Christmas, and this candle instantly took me back to those times. It has a sweet and vibrant yet calming fragrance, and is housed in a modern black jar. It also has two wicks, which I really liked as they casted a little more light in my living room. This candle is perfect for anyone who can’t go past a fresh floral scent and loves the room being filled with fragrance.” – Rosemary

What’s your favourite candle? Have you tried any of the ones in the gallery?

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