10 of the best fragrances for teenagers


There are a lot of things we don’t know about teenagers. We don’t know why they often have the nature of an underfed Grizzly bear and we don’t know why we never seem to ‘understand’ whatever it is they’re upset about.

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However, there is one thing we do know about teens. It’s that slowly but surely they’re growing up – and with that comes the desire to look good and smell great. So, no matter what your teen is like, there’s definitely a scent to suit them – and their (ahem) lovely personalities.

For little miss perfect: Guess Girl

This sophisticated floral fragrance is perfect for the contemporary woman, or a young lady that wants a scent that’s a little flirty and feminine. It features notes of raspberry nectar, melon, orchid, lily and vanilla. The beautiful scent is housed in a girly pink bottle with chic black ribbon.

For little miss sporty: DKNY Be Delicious

This citrus-based scent is the perfect option for any sporty lady. It smells clean, crisp and delicious – which is perfect for active girls that want to smell fresh. This stunning scent contains notes of grapefruit, crisp apple, cucumber, rose and sandalwood.

For little miss tomboy: ck One

One of the most classic unisex scents ever, ck One is perfect for any girl who doesn’t want to smell like she’s as sweet as sugar or like a bouquet of flowers. Featuring notes of bergamot, fresh pineapple, papaya, violet and green tea – this is the ultimate fresh and subtle scent.

For little miss mature: philosophy’s inner grace EDP

If you know a teen that likes to seem a little more prim and proper than other girls her age, odds are she’ll want a scent to match. This gorgeous scent is sophisticated without being stuffy, in fact – it’s fresh and feminine, with notes of ylang ylang, fresh petals, lush red roses, Tahitian vanilla and white patchouli.

For little miss sunshine: Marc Jacobs DOT

This juicy scent is perfect for happy girls that want to wear a fragrance that mirrors their sunny disposition. Bursting with scrumptious notes like red berries, honeysuckle, coconut water and musk, this charming scent is a little ray of sunshine all in itself.

For mister sporty: Adidas Dynamic Pulse Eau de Toilette

Featuring a fresh mix of citrus, cedar, mint, sweet fruits, fragrant woods and tonka bean, this refreshing spritz is sure to keep up with any teen guy’s active lifestyle.

For mister preppy: London Playboy

For the guy who isn’t afraid to lead the pack, this striking scent from Playboy is perfect. Containing notes of mandarin, wild English rose, cinnamon and tonka bean, this scent is perfect for a guy that wants to get noticed.

For mister cool: LYNX Vice Eau De Toilette

This masculine scent features a blend of woody and fruity notes while boasting spicy undertones that are said to very appealing to the opposite sex. The scent also lasts for a long time, meaning that you don’t need to worry about it fading away too soon.

For mister intellectual: Natio for Men Maximum Eau de Toilette

For the guy who doesn’t want to look as though he’s made too much effort, but still wants to impress, this understated scent from Natio is perfect. The juice includes notes of lemon, bergamot, olive flower, earthy wood and tonka bean, this masculine scent is perfect for the transition from ‘boy’ to ‘man’.

For mister laid-back: Davidoff Champion Energy

If you know a guy that likes to look and smell great without a whole lot of effort, then he’d most certainly benefit from owning this energetic fragrance from Davidoff. With notes of grapefruit, bergamot, fresh spices, cedarwood and oak moss, this juice is sure to do all the talking…

Which scent would most suit your personality? Or your teen’s?

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  1. Yes teenagers nowadays have more of a variety than we did and chemist warehouse was not around when we were young .Perfume was so much more expensive too when we were young.

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