7 Fragrances For Teenagers That Won’t Give You A Headache


Consider the perfume you wore as a teenager. Are you reminded of sickly sweet florals and overpowering, cheap notes of vanilla? Yeah, us too. It goes without saying that fragrances intended for teens were (and still can be\) a headache in a bottle. Unless, of course, you know exactly what to look for. 

So just the same as we’ve narrowed down the best natural perfumes, found the fragrances our favourite celebrities actually wear, and even sourced scents that can treat anxiety, we’ve also rounded up an impressive list of perfumes that are not only delicious but also age-appropriate for young adults.

Whether you’re taking your teenager shopping for their first fragrance or you’re looking for a new scent for a young member of your family, here are our top picks when it comes to the best perfumes for teenagers…

CLINIQUE Happy Perfume Spray 

Described as a “sparkling floral”, CLINIQUE’s Happy Perfume Spray certainly lives up to its name. With its fresh, youthful and feminine scent, it incorporates the goodness of ruby red grapefruit, boysenberries and Hawaiian wedding flowers for an instant punch of joy. 

“Happy is the perfect summer scent. It’s a lively citrus-floral that smells fresh, clean and vibrant. Now that it’s autumn, I find myself reaching for this one so I can sniff the cap in anticipation of next summer.” – Lucrecia629

$69 at Myer

The Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom Fragrance Mist

For teens with a travel bug, this perfume is the perfect way to transport themselves to the gardens of Tokyo. With a delicate, subtle, and floral scent, The Body Shop’s Japanese Cherry Blossom Strawberry Kiss Eau de Toilette is sweet without being overpowering. Ideal as a first-fragrance or a new addition to any teenage girl’s collection.

“The scent is not too strong or overpowering and lingers nicely. I like to spray it on before I leave the house or even sometimes when I’m at home because I love the scent so much. The scent doesn’t smell artificial and the 100ml is a large enough size to last you awhile” – Miss19

$32 at The Body Shop

Ouai Melrose Place Eau De Parfum

In a nod to the Hollywood hot spot, this velvety-rose scent from Ouai has been described as having hints of “a verified instagram account”, plus lychee, cedarwood, and white musk. Now if that doesn’t scream teenage girl…

$31 at Sephora

Glasshouse Fragrances Sunset in Capri – White Peach & Sea Breeze Eau De Parfum 

Have a teen in your life who is happiest by the sea? Allow them to bring that comfort everywhere they go. As part of a limited edition collection, the Sunset in Capri – White Peach & Sea Breeze Eau De Parfum offers an energising, citrus scent infused with white peach, jasmine and mandarin for a fresh ocean-side scent.

$29.95 at Glasshouse

Ariana Grande R.E.M.

As is the case with most celebrity fragrances, you don’t have to be a fan to enjoy their scent. Despite this, it’s hard to find a teenager (or adult for that matter) that doesn’t like Ariana Grande. The R.E.M. perfume, which comes in a crystal bottle, features notes of pear, fig, and warm salted caramel, which are balanced against delicate lavender and sandalwood.

“The bottle is gorgeous and very unique, which suits the perfume, as I have definitely never smelt anything like it.” – Simone Gee

$49.95 at Chemist Warehouse

So…? Miss So…? Day Dream Eau de Toilette

Inspired by strong women, this is a scent that will instill confidence into teens on the cusp of adulthood. Infused with fruity notes, the So…? Miss So…? Day Dream Eau de Toilette is a multi-layered fragrance that gives hints of caramel and amber once it has settled on the skin.

$18.99 at Pharmacy Direct

Vera Wang Princess of Hearts

If the hand-drawn heart adorned bottle alone is not enough to convince you, the bright, whimsical and floral fragrance inside will. As an added bonus, the jeweled crown lid can be worn as a statement ring.

“It comes in the most beautiful bottle that looks beautiful on any vanity. While I would say it is probably a younger scent, it was my go to perfume most days (until I ran out). I got so many compliments on it as well. I need another bottle already, I am in love!” – Thelifeoflaura

$42.39 at Perfume Company

Chanel CHANCE Perfume Pencils

For teens who are new to fragrances or who need an application that can withstand being on the move, this pack of four perfume pencils are a great alternative to spray-on perfume. 

$145 at David Jones

Do you know any other great fragrances for teenagers? If so, what are they?

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  1. Yes teenagers nowadays have more of a variety than we did and chemist warehouse was not around when we were young .Perfume was so much more expensive too when we were young.

  2. When I was a teenager I remember my mum use to always buy my sister and I those Impulse body sprays. I remember I always had to the have Goddess scent. I also had Paris Hilton and JLo perfumes as they were sweet and I still love sweet fragrances to this day.

  3. My teen who is 17 doesn’t seem to wear perfumes but my 21 year old already has a signature scent! My 23 year old has been overloaded with perfumes and perfume sets from her boyfriend so she’s not doing too badly either.

  4. Oh I was given a horid perfume as a teen (probably about 13) but then I entered a ‘Beauty Club’ and received a really nice one which I’ll have to come back to post about it when I remember it’s name – it’s been a while!

  5. I was never into perfumes because they gave me an instant headache. About the only thing I could use was a citrus body spray which I loved. I’ve only just started wearing perfume in the last 5 years.

    • I get headaches, asthma and allergies from many perfumes too. Check out Libertine Parfumerie online, in store (Brisbane) or at their Myer stores (Melbourne and Sydney). They do workshops and you can get 10 samples with every order!

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