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Youtube Scam!

I love watching beauty vids on youtube and regularly enter comps to win beauty stuff. And recently I received a message stating that I had won an IPAD 3!!
This sounded so good to be true, (and of course it was) but the message seemed to be from the youtuber, and it was so casual and friendly and really sounded legit, and it attached the original video I entered into and everything.
Unfortunately this was a scam, luckily I didn’t enter any details (because it only gave links for people in the US, UK or Europe) and I just happened to stumble across a youtuber’s vid about these scams and to tell people it’s not her messaging people.

In hindsight, it was a total scam because
1. The comp was not for an Ipad and never mentioned one at all
2. The sender had a name very similar to the real youtuber (but with minor spelling changes) and added “this is my second account, this is NOT a scam!”
3. The competition was open internationally, so why would there not be an option for people not in the US, UK and Europe?

Anyway, after that I received three more exact messages, so it’s definitely a scam, but just a warning if anyone gets these messages, please ignore!
It’s really scary how smart these scammers are getting and how hard they’re working..

If there are any other scams you’ve run into recently, please share!

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