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Working at Mecca

Hi everyone! So I applied for summer host position (I think basically xmas casual) and I got an email saying that I have been invited to their summer host careers forum where I guess you get to learn about the company and have a mini interview there.

I just wanted to know if anyone else has been to their career forums or been through the interview process there? I’ve only ever done traditional interviews so I’m a tad nervous!

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  • 1 month, 1 w ago

    No not at Mecca, but was a pro makeup artist in fashion and theatre for many years that saw me through Uni and beyond. There’s such a lot to learn. I hope you enjoy your job and have more opportunities for trainng that is artist and trade focussed and not just sale focussed.

  • 1 month, 1 w ago

    Hi hi! Thought I would restart this forum topic as it’s been a few years and mention that I have recently been accepted for a casual summer position at Mecca (YaY!)
    I have a 2 day virtual induction in 2 weeks and I am beyond excited!!

    Anyone else on here working at Mecca or been recently accepted?

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