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NOW CLOSED Winter Warmers Discovery Bag

Hi Beauties,

Hope you are all well and safe! We have a winter warmers goodie bag to go out to twelve lucky members!

Products are:

MOR, Botanicals Bergamot + Blackcurrant EDP

MOR Botanicals Bergamot + Blackcurrant Eau De Parfum

Koko & Kush, Bong Appétit – Hemp & Watermelon Serum

Bong Appétit – Hemp & Watermelon Serum

The Jojoba Company, For Face

Australian Jojoba

If these products sound like something you would want to discover, please send an email to info@beautyheaven.com.au with your username and postal address by 16th May.

Congratulations to our lucky Discovery Bag Recipients:
Face Paint

We would appreciate your honest reviews for these products to be submitted by 22nd June.

Kind regards,
Team bh

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  • 1 day, 6 hrs ago

    I have a question for the ladies on this trial.
    I was wondering how everyone is going with the Hemp and Watermelon serum? I noticed it in the RR and have been fascinated after reading about it in this thread.
    I’m thinking about getting it from the RR and didn’t want to waste my points if it’s mediocre. If it’s fabulous I think I might splurge and order it from the RR. Thanks beauties.

  • 1 day, 7 hrs ago

    @Kassalee that’s a real shame. Hope BH can send out another for you to trial.

  • 1 day, 15 hrs ago

    Congratulations to all the lucky beauties that were selected to receive the discovery bag to try. Enjoy. Look forwards to reading your reviews.

  • 2 days, 8 hrs ago

    Good and Bad news.

    Good – Yay! My parcel had been delivered.

    Bad – I wont be trying and reviewing the Jojoba Oil

    Bottle smashed (thankfully broken glass contained in the box) and leaked throughout the parcel. MOR perfume fared best as boxed and plastic wrapped. Serum only in a cardboard box, but after a wipe down, all ok.

    Not sure where the parcels been – sent overnight express last Thursday (from Elizabeth St Sydney) and taken until today (Monday) to be delivered to another Sydney suburb – not far from Yohanna!

    I’ll let beautyheaven know and send the photos I’ve taken.

    Two outta Three aint bad 🙂

    • 2 days, 7 hrs ago

      can’t post, the usual. Screenshot:

      image host

    • 2 days, 7 hrs ago

      What a shame @Kassalee.

      My Jojoba oil bottle had some packaging stuffed in the box to stop it moving around but I don’t suppose that would stop the bottle breaking if the package wasn’t handled properly. It seems your package has been on a long, rough trip because I received my package on Friday and you’re closer to the city than I am.

      • 2 days, 7 hrs ago

        Yes it still had the bit of paper (tissue?) packaging stuffed in the top all soaked in oil, but not offering any protection I’m afraid. TNT Express delivered – not Aus Post.

        Hubby had picked up the parcel from the front door when he came home and sat it on the bed! He didn’t notice it soaked in oil – parcel was transluce.! He’d sat it on the throw at the end of the bed and luckily the oil hadn’t soaked thru to the quilt. Men!

      • 2 days, 6 hrs ago

        I posted a reply but it’s yet to appear. No wonder I don’t post very often these days.

  • 2 days, 8 hrs ago

    Oooh they look so good!!!
    Thanks for posting a photo, the serum looks like something I’d love to try, juicy bouncy healthy skin to plump out my wrinkles 😂

  • 2 days, 9 hrs ago

    Congratulations to the Discovery Bag recipients,

  • 2 days, 11 hrs ago

    So excited to be chosen! Still waiting on my delivery – hopefully waiting for me when I get home today. Package not appearing in my Australia Post account to track – but hopefully on the way.

  • 2 days, 11 hrs ago

    MOR perfume so similar to gucci guilty absolute pour femme, extremely similar. Top note of blackurrant, sour, in both. Gucci is colder scent as cyprus is more masculine and cold than bergamot. MOR a bit warmer in base, but both wintery, autumn perfumes. Box of mor perfume inside reminds me also of gucci packaging (boxes and shopping bags you get when buying gucci products now).

    image host

    • 2 days, 6 hrs ago

      I quite like the MOR perfume @Yohanna and it will be lovely for the cooler months.

      I received another MOR perfume in the post today from an Instagram win. It’s Narcissus – a lively floral perfume with zesty top notes of Mandarin, Grapefruit and Cassis.

      • 2 days, 6 hrs ago

        Congratulations Onlyoni! That perfume sounds beautiful, yellow flowers plus citruses, must be great for spring summer =D

  • 2 days, 12 hrs ago

    Serum, love the packaging! Twist bottom and pretty colours. Clear, no scent, texture like those hyaluronic serums. Juicy feel on the skin. Jojoba oil, interesting. I remember using from the brand this oil, was in smaller bottle. This new one seems better. Rich yellow colour, lightweight on the skin, love the glass pump bottle. Plumps the skin. No greasy finish, I use it straight on damp skin after wash, then apply the rest of skincare, as it “revives” my skin. Perfume still to test. Love both, jojoba and serum. Love.

  • 5 days, 6 hrs ago

    Can’t post anything from mobile. Got last night the goodies! They look so good, packaging and all. Thank you Beautyheaven! Starting testing tomorrow, as will have time to play.

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