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Vision Make up glasses

Due to deterioration in my sight and the need to wear glasses some years ago I purchased a pair of metal glasses where I was able to fold down one side at a time due to their having a metal hinge. Once I pulled one side down it enabled me to see what I was doing whilst applying eye make up, especially mascara. I then moved to the other eye. These glasses were fantastic. I can’t remember where I purchased them but bought some online. The second lot were plastic and no where as good as the metal glasses. Has anyone seen the metal glasses and, if so, can they let me know where to buy them.

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  • 2 mths, 2 wks ago

    A great idea I need these too. I appreciate the wisdom of maturity but the eye sight deterioration is a challenge when it comes to applying makeup

  • 3 mths, 1 w ago

    I remember seeing these being advertised years ago in magazines. Good to see they are still available because I reckon I’ll need them in the next few years.

  • 5 mths, 2 wks ago

    What a wonderful idea. Thank you. I wish I could help.

  • 7 mths, 2 wks ago

    I’ve not heard of them. I do know that my Mother and Mother in Law use a magnifying mirror on a stand to apply makeup.

  • 7 mths, 2 wks ago

    I have googled ‘rotating make up glasses’ and I note Amazon has metal ones and reasonable pries too – Thank you for the idea

  • 7 mths, 2 wks ago

    I have never hear of them but they would be really useful

  • 7 mths, 2 wks ago

    I never knew these were a thing but now that I know, I shall buy them posthaste

  • 7 mths, 2 wks ago

    You can buy some Metal Magnifying Makeup Glasses from Kogan Online. Just Google Kogan. 👓🤓

  • 7 mths, 2 wks ago

    I’ve seen metal framed glasses in OPSM but not sure if they’re the ones you’re after. Sorry.

  • 7 mths, 2 wks ago

    They sound a wonderful idea. I haven’t heard of them before now.

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