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Tweezers get dull after few months

Hi everyone!
What is the most suitable time to tweeze my eye brows and I also want to know why tweezers get dull after few months??

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    Some people say its best to tweeze after a shower as your skin is moist. I do it anytime. The reason it gets dull is because stainless steel don’t last the shine , just like cutlery I guess. I bought one in early Beautorium with a gold tip and it is still very shiny .

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    There is another forum called Best Tweezers only created 2 mths ago

    BH have fixed the search on forums and it does work so it’s worth searching for a similar or the same topic before creating a new one – Just sayin’ !!


    I’ve had my tweezers for over 20 years and (as per my post on the other forum)

    The forum got me searching again for these Perlex tweezers – on the Internet – and I found them!

    Ordered 2 pairs and they

    Cost $11.60 each and they are called

    Perlex Tweezer Crab Claw Chrome

    Also bought a good nail file for $8.20

    Not spamming but if you are interested


    They are in Dandenong VIC. $10 express post

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    i use Rubis. They’re a swiss brand… apparently there is a guarantee for life.

    and they also sharpen your tweezers/realign if necessary.

    they are the creme de la creme, pricey than tweezerman, but so worth it.

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    I found that when I upgraded my tweezers to a better quality pair (I have some Tweezerman slanted tweezers) it was much easier to tweeze my brows and resulted in better precision too. Maybe get a pair of Tweezermans 🙂

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    I just tweeze my eyebrows whenever I find that they are getting hairy!! I try to avoid tweezing them a week before my monthly’s as I find I’m more sensitive at that time and it really hurts to pluck my eyebrows.
    I’m not really sure why tweezers get dull but I make sure I give them a wipe down every now and then because it may get a build but of oil or dirt that might make it harder to use. If that doesn’t help I’ll grab a nail file and gently file over the end of the tweezers and then it is as good as new!

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      I`m going to purchase a quality pair of tweezers and take better care of mine. Good tips there thanks 🙂

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