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Trial for Trial

What excitement. Today I received an email asking if I would like to take part in a new trial. Couldn’t wait to fill in the form ande heres hoping that I am lucky enough to be included for the trial. Crossed fingers.

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  • 3 days, 9 hrs ago

    I haven’t heard anymore, has anyone been picked for this trial yet?

  • 1 w, 1 day ago

    I haven’t been on a BH trial for a while. I miss discussing the trial experience through out the trial period with fellow forumites 🙂

  • 1 w, 3 days ago

    Fingers crossed for you. Good luck to everyone 🙂

  • 1 w, 5 days ago

    I’ve had reaction to a product from here before.

  • 1 w, 5 days ago

    welldone, did you get accepted?

  • 1 w, 6 days ago

    GRRR Trying to see the rest of @Trackydacky’s post but it isn’t showing at all. When I click on the 2nd page nothing happens.

    This Nivea to be trialled has bakuchiol which is a plant based alternative to retinol BUT it does upset some sensitive skins and mine reacted badly to one of the products with that from the Natural Beauty box so I wouldn’t risk it.

    • 1 w, 5 days ago

      It can be annoying Trish, some days the forum dies some really weird stuff so I give up trying to read and comment. Other days it seems to work fine, hence now you see me and then you don’t. What was the product in the Natural Beauty box that upset your skin, the one containing bakuchial

      • 1 w, 5 days ago

        @Trackydacky, I’m sure it was the Glow Lab Age Renew Retinol Booster Oil which is a serum. My review isn’t there for this on the new site but it was on the old site. I was lucky I didn’t have any lasting effect from the instant red face but getting it off quickly meant the reaction didn’t last thank goodness but it was pretty awful while it did. My face burned for a while but settled down. I never try anything new unless I’ll be able to take it off and leave my skin free of products if I need to.

      • 1 w, 5 days ago

        Trish, in a way you were lucky that you had an instant reaction and removed the product straight away before it got really bad.

      • 1 w, 4 days ago

        @Trackydacky I’ve had reactions that have made life difficult for ages. Yes, I really was lucky the reaction was instant and that I didn’t have any lasting effect. I have far less trouble than I used to because I am way more cautious and often have a reasonable idea of what not to try and I’ll never try more than one new product at a time.

    • 1 w, 5 days ago

      @Trish – I wouldn’t even know how to say that ingredient you mentioned 😛

    • 1 w, 6 days ago

      OK, another post eaten!! Managed to see the rest of your post, @Trackydacky by a round about way and replied but it’s gone into space! Wouldn’t it be lovely if we both got a beautiful trial for sensitive skin!! Take care.

      • 1 w, 5 days ago

        @Trish – it’s okay, some of my replies are up there just floating around. I replied to Meedee somewhere but can’t find it anywhere.

      • 1 w, 5 days ago

        I would love to know what the “outer limits” looks like with so much stuff floating who knows where, @jatz!!!!!!!! Goodness know what is in cyber space or wherever the eaten posts have gone!

  • 1 w, 6 days ago

    Ooh have people been accepted yet: I cant read all the posts.

  • 1 w, 6 days ago

    Congratulations to the ladies being invited. Nivea is a great brand. Kind of glad I didn’t get the trial as I do sometimes suffer with sensitive skin especially as you age and I would have hated to decline but it is what it is.
    Love to know who gets to be on the trial and see how it goes for you. Exciting times, back to trialling 🙂

  • 1 w, 6 days ago

    Good luck everyone! I can’t remember the last time I got a trial from BH it’s been forever I started to think maybe the don’t do them anymore haha

    • 3 days, 6 hrs ago

      I was thinking they mustn’t have started up again this year yet.

      I hope I get invited to a trial soon – I really enjoy doing them and discovering new products.

  • 2 wks, 1 day ago

    I didn’t receive an invite but I absolutely love reading Trial Team reviews. Yay for Trial Teams!

    • 1 w, 6 days ago

      Yes I do too and Nivea has always been a good practical brand for ever

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