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Time to evaluate what we have

With all the worry over the last two years about Covid and now Russia attacking Ukraine it is time to treasure and appreciate what we have. Family and friends are always there for us and we have a lovely country both in OZ and NZ and it is so easy to take everything for granted. Let’s be positive for the futureand appreciate the life and happiness we have

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  • 2 mths, 3 wks ago

    It is always good to remind yourself of the positives in your life and to create kindness and good in any small or big way that you can. The world is what we make it.

  • 3 mths ago

    Hi Beauties,

    Sending warm vibes to everyone- the world seems so nightmarish at present.

    I haven’t been able to access the BH website for a few weeks as it hasn’t been behaving for me but I’ve missed this wonderful community.

    I think to cope with everything happening globally, we need to retreat from technology for a time- the 24 news cycle is not good for anyone’s mental health.

    Take care and be gentle on yourselves! 😘

  • 3 mths, 2 wks ago

    So many sad thing happening and it really can be overwhelming. I feel really lucky to be in safe surrounding and count my blessings most days.

  • 3 mths, 2 wks ago

    so well said @JuJu47

    There are soooo many keyboard warriors who whinge & complain about the littlest things.

  • 3 mths, 2 wks ago

    Yes, I absolutely value what we have. The poor people of the Ukraine were living as we do and now look at the devastation and heartbreak they are suffering. So much sadness. Likewise those affected by the floods and other tragedies. It makes you think of being grateful for what we have.

    • 3 mths, 2 wks ago

      @Sootyhere long time no see – good to see you 🙂

      At the moment I just have to turn the news off when it comes to the Ukraine. Seeing that Maternity Hospital hit was just the last straw. How on earth can they do that?

      First the fires and now the floods….Australia is being hit hard every which way you look around. Then on top of all that Covid. Surely there has to be something good to come out of all this?

    • 3 mths, 2 wks ago

      Totally -poor Ukraine totally unprovoked attack and their lives are devastated. The floods have been so hard to see too in your lovely OZ and our Westport earlier in the year too. Bless you all as life could be so much worse than most of us have. We may not be rich in money terms but we have so much.

  • 3 mths, 3 wks ago

    Yes, we do have it easier here in Australia. Also sending thoughts and well wishes to those affected by the floods. I think Dorothea Mackellar’s I love a Sunburnt Country summarises our beautiful country so well.

    • 3 mths, 2 wks ago

      I will have to read that -sounds as though it would be very interesting

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