3 days ago

The Inkey List- any favourites?

Hi Beauties,

I know I’m late to the game as I’ve only recently discovered The Inkey List!

I am about to commence using their HA serum as recommended by the derms on YouTube channel Doctorly.

What other products are worth exploring?

❤️ 😊

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  • 18 hrs, 15 mins ago

    testing… cant post for days. over it

  • 1 day, 5 hrs ago

    I haven’t seen them but may be nice to give them a try – Price always helps when you want to try something new

  • 2 days, 15 hrs ago

    I want to try all their stuff cause they’re so affordable.

  • 2 days, 17 hrs ago

    Caffeine eye cream, peptide moisturizer, Kaolin clay mask so far are the products that I tried from the brand, loved, and would highly recommend.

  • 2 days, 20 hrs ago

    Yes, they are similar to TO. I think Ethelinde posted about their Polyglutamic Acid serum a while back before they became readily available through Sephora!

  • 2 days, 21 hrs ago

    I had to Google who they were. So a bit like The Ordinary? So many new brands out there.

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