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Sunscreen can’t be reviewed

I am wanting to know whether our reviews for sunscreen will be removed off the BH site due to sunscreen now being listed on the TGA?

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    In regards to the new TGA guidelines, does this also apply to secondary products that contain sunscreen? Sorry I should clarify what I mean by this. If BH give a product to trial that contains sunscreen or they won’t be giving products to trial that contain sun protection as an ingredient?

    I did read the new guidelines and it is a fine line if you trial a product as you have to be so careful in how you word your reviews so your not making certain claims about a product.

    I do think quite a few influencers were making outrageous claims about products so I agree 100% with that.

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      Yes totally -we an only say what our own experiences with a product are

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      If I understand the new code correctly, it only applies to ‘incentivized’ or ‘paid’ testimonials. So I wonder how BeautyHeaven will apply this going forward. Will it be:

      * No more sunscreen trials, but sunscreen reviews can still be submitted if not from a product trial
      * Removal of all sunscreen reviews from the site, as ‘points’ also count as incentivized

      I really hope it’s limited to the former, I still want to read reviews on sunscreen products.

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        @Jupiter They can remove the reviews that are indicated as having been provided for trials but I thought it would be overkill to remove reviews by people who purchased the products themselves and gave their thoughts, although good point about the points possibly constituting a type of incentive.

        It is also not clear whether the new rules apply retrospectively – I don’t think it should. They are already struggling with regulating this sort of testimonial on major social media platforms, let alone trying to clear what was said in the past.

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        My reply to @Jupiter won’t post. Nothing controversial.

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        People who independently buy a sunscreen with their own money and post a review about it online are exempt. This only applies to people who have been gifted a sunscreen and post a review making statements that equate to a therapeutic claim.

        Generally, if you make any claims or references that suggest someone can use the product to prevent, diagnose, cure or alleviate a disease, ailment, or defect of the human body, it can qualify as a therapeutic claim.

      • 1 mth ago

        That makes sense -I like to know if a sunscreen has a scent or is greasy and yes I like to know if the company that puts it out states what SPF but really that is all I need from a review to encourage me to try or not

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    This is so interesting – thanks for sharing this. I wasn’t aware of the TGA changes to promotion of certain products.

  • 1 mth ago

    For those interested, official TGA media release here:


    So TGA’s updated their Advertising Code, which came into effect on 1 January 2022, and advertisers have until 30 June 2022 to transition to the new code

    “The 2021 Code clarifies that paid or incentivised testimonials cannot be included in advertisements, including from anyone engaged in the production, marketing or supply of the goods. This includes paid or incentivised testimonials from influencers. Clarification has also been made that the prohibition on endorsements from health professionals extends to former health professionals.”

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    Hi all sorry I was alarmed by posts that I have seen on social media by skin influencers saying TGA are cracking down on who posts about sunscreens that are received as a PR sample or paid partnerships but not restricting self bought sunscreens. But I did a recent review on a sunscreen through Glosscars and was concerned it may be removed.

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      @Miramarmari No need to apologise and thank you for clarifying. I understand what you mean now. Nothing to be wary of.

      The TGA are only trying to stop people advertising products that fall within their scope of regulation and cutting down on the misinformation spread online, particularly by influencers. I wholeheartedly agree and welcome this approach.

      On the BH website, it is a call for BH to remove trial team reviews that are seen as making unverified therapeutic claims (e.g. fades age spots, relieves pain), and as far as I understand it, it should only affect trial reviews, not reviews submitted by users who have purchased items and formed their own views. Glosscars is technically a trial team of sorts. If you have made any therapeutic claims in your review, you would have been notified. The product or products you reviewed would also need to fall under the definition of a therapeutic good.

      I was on a trial team recently where we had to re-submit our reviews after the TGA flagged that we could not make therapeutic claims as the product trialled fell within the legal definition of a therapeutic good.

      • 1 mth ago

        Thanks for the explanation, @Ethelinde. This has suddenly become relevant since BH asked those of us in a trial team not to review the sunscreen product that we just received.

    • 1 mth ago

      @Miramarmari, thanks for clarifying.

      The TGA regulates sunscreens as follows: “Primary sunscreens (products used primarily for protection from UV radiation) some secondary sunscreens (e.g. moisturisers containing sunscreen with SPF greater than 15) are regulated as therapeutic goods by the TGA.” (https://www.tga.gov.au/sunscreens-regulation-basics)

      Hope that helps!

  • 1 mth ago

    Short answer is no.

    The TGA does not review or regulate all sunscreens, only what are categorised as “therapeutic sunscreens”. Honestly, you will not get detailed information on this topic as it is really about compliance with regulations (i.e. a legal question) and I would not expect this type of website or even this forum, which is frequently by layman consumers, to be able to answer this topic adequately.

    I also don’t completely understand the jist of your question but I take it to mean you have presumed that by being listed on the TGA website, a sunscreen is exempt on BH for some reason. Listing does not mean the product is a banned product or necessarily has been pulled from the market.

  • 1 mth ago

    Sunscreens were and are always regulated by the TGA.

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