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Is it me or is there more and more spam getting onto the site, seems every time I go to read the forum there is another spam/add.Someone I think is getting on to the companies and say Hey Guys there is this great site with loads of lovely ladies looking for goodies…. and it dont cost a cent to put up an add …

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  • 1 month, 3 wks ago

    ElenaArabey has certainly decided to go hard and fast with spam!

  • 1 month, 3 wks ago

    Have also reported all of ElanaArabey comments as spam.

  • 1 month, 3 wks ago

    ElenaArabey reported as SPAM on all posts

  • 5 months ago

    so much spam

    Hi BH, they are mostly medicine related : here is the spam member name and the forum page names they have set up

    Loganjohnson – Vidalista 20mg, Vidalista 60mg forum pages have been made

    danielkkestitalo and chriserison011 have made more than one forum pages for Aurogra 1oomg

    chriserison011 – Vilitra 20mg

    Loganjohnson – Cenforce 100mg

    uncutglobe – all you need to realise about the student loan forgiveness plan by President Joe Biden administration

    Filldena150 – fildena 150mg

    Loganjohnson – fildena 100mg

    Loganjohnson – Vidalista 40

    Troy merrcado – Kamagra

  • 5 months, 4 wks ago

    Hi BH, so much spam on this article’ comments !

    The importance of self-care

  • 8 months, 3 wks ago

    Thank you BH staff for the recent removal of excessive spam on this website. Can now enjoy BH again.

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