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So very sad that legendary actor DG passed. 🖤💛❤️💔

I’m devastated by the news that DG died after a long battle with lung cancer and emphysema.

I have chosen not to use his name out of respect for any First Nations BH members.

He was interviewed in a documentary that screened in May and his words were profound to say the least.

“I’ve stopped chemo, not working. I have been smoking all my life … cigarettes, ganja, too much tobacco I’ve been smoking,” he said.

“I’m crying inside for my father, I will return to my country, I will lay down in his soil.

“My spirit will return back to my country.

“I was born a Mandjalpingu man … my name means kingfisher, that’s my totem.”

“My name is in the fish, in the tree, in the sky, in the stars.“I’m not scared, but I’m sorry there’s nothing I can (do to) make myself stronger.”

Vale DG! 🖤💛❤️💔😢

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