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Ripped off

A few months back (September 2016) I visited my local OPSM to get my eyes tested as I was due for a test. I was told my eyes had worsened and I was prescribed these glasses with a heap of added extras. I was also asked to do a test that I was then charged for and told I needed drops for something I don’t have. The optometrist and sales person alike were really pushy and I ended up spending 562 dollars. After reflection I realized how expensive this was so I was able to get a refund for the glasses (489 dollars) but not the other extras (the woman at the counter wasn’t happy).

Today I went to specsavers and I got my eyes tested. I told them what had happened at OPSM. They tested my eyes and said I only need glasses for reading (which is what I suspected all along). I ended up ordering two pairs for 199 at specsavers and the customer service was great (helpful but not pushy). Has anyone else had a similar experience with OPSM

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