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QV Dermcare Eczema Extra Daily Wash & Daily Cream Trial Team

Are you currently a part of the QV Dermcare Eczema Extra Daily Wash & Daily Cream Trial Team?

This is now the dedicated forum thread where you can come throughout your trial to ask any questions about the product, share your experiences with fellow members about the product, and even answer some of the questions other Trial Teamers may have about these products.
So, let us know how you’re going with the Trial Team because we’d absolutely love to hear all about it!

(Nudge, nudge: for those who aren’t on this particular Trial Team, please feel free to join in the convo and ask our Trial Teamers about their road test – we’re all as curious as you are!)

Eleni x

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  • 1 w, 1 day ago

    I’m absolutely loving the wash. The cream isn’t bad by any stretch but I find it stings a bit.

    I read the ingredients and includes niacinamide which normally reduces inflammation but I’m a little sensitive to it.

    Overall, they are both fantastic products and my eczema patches on my inner elbows and back of knees are clearing up!

  • 1 w, 2 days ago

    So glad to have been apart of this trial. I would class my eczema as mild as I grew out of it after school. However, during winter when its cold and I’m having warmer showers and indoors more with heaters, its usually the time my eczema likes to creep up on me despite my best efforts to keep it at bay with moisturising. The QV Dermcare daily wash and daily cream has been such a saviour! It’s so light, nourishing and hydrating. Ive really seen a big difference in the short time using it and no longer have the itchy feeling or dry skin. It’s been fantastic at keeping my eczema in remission.

  • 3 wks, 1 day ago

    I love the QV brand. Looking forward to reading the reviews for these products.

  • 3 wks, 2 days ago

    I absolutely LOVE the products in this trial, particularly the Daily Cream. It has been an absolute godsend. Thank you so much BH Team and QV! I am not experiencing any of the irritation that I have been grappling with for months. I was previously on a strong topical prescription cream and my eczema would come and go. On some days, the itching sensation was unreal and totally consumed me. My doctor couldn’t even give me a straight answer about my condition and just told me to basically live with it and apply the prescription cream that I was further told was very strong and cannot continually rely on it past two weeks. Thanks to the regular use of both QV products, my skin area of concern is now completely healed and back to normal!

    • 3 wks, 1 day ago

      This is so great to hear Ethelinde! We love knowing that we have put you onto a winning product and it must be so great to have finally relieved some of your itching and irritation.

      We will be sure to send an e-mail in the coming days with all the info and links you need to submit your reviews and survey submissions for this particular trial, so be sure to keep an eye out for that! 🙂

      Eleni x

  • 1 month ago

    Thanks everyone, I’m stalking the postman…

  • 1 month, 1 w ago

    Thank you everyone! Hope I do you proud with a decent review. :p

  • 1 month, 1 w ago

    Congratulations Ethelinde, anne, Saffy and Calla

  • 1 month, 1 w ago

    QV products are fab! Good luck with this trial beauties xx

  • 1 month, 1 w ago

    My bf has this skin condition he may use it. No invite for me though.

  • 1 month, 1 w ago

    Looks like a good trial.

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