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Priceline Beauty Bag Giveaway Calendar ???

Hey Beauties!

Does anyone know when they release the Priceline Beauty Bag ‘giveaway’ bags, you know, the ones where you spend $60 or whatevs and they give you a massive bag of stuff?

I think the last one finished at the beginning of July…

I recall there being a make up one and a skin care one, maybe a hair one too?

Trying to be organized.

Thanks xx

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  • 5 yrs, 3 mths ago

    Last year the skincare bag was Nov or Dec. it wasn’t June. I got the bag when I found a new job after being made redundant so I remember that time quite clearly.

  • 5 yrs, 3 mths ago

    Just came across this post. I got the haircare bag this year, February, enjoying trying the new products. The bags don’t last long in store so have to be quick. Can also order online when they are available.

  • 5 yrs, 10 mths ago

    This year, hair bag was February, makeup bag was May, skincare bag was late June.

    • 5 yrs, 9 mths ago

      Perfect, thanks very much

      • 5 yrs, 9 mths ago

        You r welcome Juvmonkey

        I got the hair bag and skincare bag this year. They are awesome. Makeup bag I am not so keen (rarely use makeup brands stocked in priceline).

  • 5 yrs, 10 mths ago

    Priceline does 1 skincare, 1 makeup and 1 Haircare bag per year. So the next one will most likely not happen until about April next year

  • 5 yrs, 10 mths ago

    Make sure you also sign up on the Priceline site to get their regular newsletter. They often don’t give much notice, but some beauties here have a bit of an inside word & post about the goodie bags a few days ahead.

  • 5 yrs, 10 mths ago

    I don’t think that there are specific dates that Priceline adheres to when releasing their skincare, haircare and cosmetics gift with purchase bags. The best thing is to follow the thread where BH members tell us about beauty bargains:


    There are lots of Priceline threads on BH, but the above thread is the best one to follow.

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