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coukd someone please tell me how i can get more points ,and tell me how this works i only just created this account i will love for a reply thanks?

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    That’s a fair enough question, @Leigha1996, as the points system is hard to find for newbies.

    You have to go to the Reward Room FAQ page, which is hard enough to find.

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    The comments per article should say: limited to 10 comments per article. & so far, we can’t add topics to favourites – it looks like Bh intends to return that feature in the future.

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    Also don’t make up unnecessary new threads either. It is very different in here and harder to find other threads like just chatting. If you go to just forums and then click on all categories you have to scroll for something that you can chat on. Although, dam hard to find lately. 😛

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    For example, when you ‘post a new forum topic’, you should/will receive 5 points. You will be capped at 50 points (posting a new forum topic 10 times YEARLY) and then the following year, you can begin again and so on.

    You can receive 150 points now for completing your beauty profile and earn 100 points on your birthday.

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    what do you mean by capped for comments ?

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      @Leigha1996, the cap is the maximum amount of points you earn for a particular activity. E.g. posting a new forum topic earns +5 points, up to your first 10 new forum topics per year. 10 x +5points = 50 points max. You may create an 11th topic, but you won’t earn points for it.

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    You will receive 5 points for leaving a product review, and 1 point for making a comment on a article, but I believe points are capped for comments.

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