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Pillow recommendations for side sleepers and back sleepers.

Hi Beauties,

My hubby and I are in the market for comfortable and efficient pillows.

He’s a side sleeper and I’m a back sleeper.

I’m also seeking decent pillows for my two side sleeping kidlets.

Does anyone have any good recommendations?

Thanks 🙏🏽 😊

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  • I can either sleep on my back or side. I had a contour pillow that I had been using for 20 years ($100 at the time – back in the days it was super expensive) and loved it. Sadly it came to end of life last week, and I purchased this one (randomly, without much research) from Myer:

    (OMG cannot post URL, search “Heritage Talalay Latex Contour Pillow”)

    After just 2 nights to adjust I am now loving it! It is very comfortable and gives me enough neck support, but also flexible enough to accommodate when I sleeps on the side.

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    We just bought a new mattress and when checking beds used a pillow in Snooze. The pillow was extremely comfortable and is contoured. They have different pillows for different sleepers. I have had a neck problem for many years and have purchased so many pillows I have lost count.
    The product is made by “Bedgear” It is cooling and has a soft side and a harder side so you can decide on feel. Although they are very expensive, I am sleeping better now than I have in over 20 years. I would recommend trying them out if cost is not an issue. I paid $249.

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      Thanks Yvonne,

      I’m still looking for pillows so I’ll check those out at Snooze soon!

      ❤️ 😊

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    I’m a side sleeper and on a recent trip to Brisbane I discovered contour pillows.
    Let me tell you, if you have neck or shoulder problems, these do wonders for that! The one I’ve been using is called the “Odyssey Living Graphene infused contour pillow”.
    My Dad also uses one,he sleeps on his back and loves the neck support!
    Not sure if kids will like it though, these pillows seem like they’re more for us achy-muscled adults LOL

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    Buckwheat ones also are heavy. So no slip sliding if you use slippy pillowcases. Pillow stays put!

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    I only use buckwheat hulls (hemp cover with zipper to adjust amount of hulls. I use all 4 kg, as I am side sleeper) filled for last 4 years. Since trying it, got hooked and can not sleep with any other.

    Side sleeper.

    Hull amount can be adjusted to make pillow lower for back sleepers. For side sleepers is amazing. As I adjust hulls when on side so that face and ear do not get squashed. Face does not touch pillow and never ever got wrinkling. Body is always in line, neck straight in line, so no lines on neck too. It is just so perfect.

    Have tried foam and literally everything. This one…perfection. Oh, have two now. When need to share 😉

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    I’m looking forward to shopping properly after Thursday! I’m also leaning towards buying a maternity pillow for myself!

    • I had one of those long ones once (not sure if it was a maternity one) but I was single back then and it was so comfy to snuggle up with and it supported the body parts I needed it to do. It was great!

      • 1 month ago

        Hey CCW,

        I affectionately called my last maternity pillow “my boyfriend”!

        Move over hubby, my boyfriend is in our bed! 😂

    • 1 month, 1 w ago

      Is there a reason why you are looking at maternity pillows Lucy?

      • 1 month, 1 w ago

        Hi again Jatz,

        The reason I’m leaning towards a maternity pillow is that they offer support to my hips and legs should I need to sleep on my side.

        With my cerebral palsy, I currently need extra pillows to elevate my leg. I’m thinking of get a few regular pillows and a maternity pillow!

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        It is all about the way of living cause we are not giving proper rest to our body. I did an experiment that when you will sleep win the floor without any mat or pillow first you will get tired but day by day you will get used to such experimental sleep. I found it so amazing and after two weeks I woke up actively and did normal morning exercises.

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    Pillows are on sale at Spotlight at the moment, if you’re near a Spotlight shop.

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      I found a couple of good pillows there once – they are sort of like a hack for my two Jason pillows which I love. They are made in a similar way with 4cm ‘walls’ around the edges if that sort of makes any sense. So to explain it better, they aren’t just sewn up rectangles but they are sewn up rectangles with 4cm walls so that they keep their ‘height’ when just sitting on the bed and they make the pillowcases look good because they have a good shape to them.

      So yeah I did find some ‘counterfeit’ Jason pillows, or you could call them ‘copycat’ Jason pillows. They were so similar and had white satin binding around the edges instead of pink satin binding (which my Jason pillows have)

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    I always buy tontine, good range of pillows, soft, medium, allergy sensitive etc.

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    I’ve also used the Target side sleeper pillows which last ages and are so comfy and quite thick. I think they’re about $10 each.

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