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New Site Questions

Wooohooo!! We’re here! Say hello to the new bh!

We hope you’re loving the new site as much as we are.

But of course, we’re sure you have questions! So we’ve created this forum thread for all your queries as you navigate your way around the new place.

The bh staff will be popping in here to help you and we thank you for your patience while we get things up and running.

If you haven’t already, you will receive an email to reset your password for your member account. Once you follow these prompts you should be set up and ready to explore.

Site migration is still underway, so there are a few minor tweaks and changes to come, so please bear with us.

We also will be re-instating all beautyheaven Platinum status’s in the coming weeks, as we are aware they may not have carried over from the old site! But rest assured, we are working to fix this ASAP.

Let us know what you think!

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  • 2 hrs, 40 mins ago

    I’m not a fan of the new website either unfortunately. Too hard to find things, the old one was better. Not spending as much time on it anymore.

  • 5 hrs, 1 min ago

    Yikes, what’s happened to the site? You can no longer search for a product to write a review on. I searched for the brand ‘Revolution’. Only articles came up. That makes it incredibly difficult and time consuming to write reviews if you have to search through a gazillion other things to *maybe* find what you were wanting to write a review on.

    And those helpful videos…gone.

    • 16 mins ago

      At the top of the screen on the left is ‘All Brands’ . click on that and in alphabetical order it lists all the brands on BH

  • 9 hrs, 11 mins ago

    I tried to reply to the above notice and it keeps going to another web page? I hope its not a scammer..but if it is they wont get much from my site as I have very little on it. I do not like this new BH site everything is wrong somehow. And is it my imagination or is there more scammers on here now?

  • 11 hrs, 25 mins ago

    A question I would like to ask… What happens when we report a user?

    I reported a user for spam over a week ago and today Ive found them posting in russian again so tried to report them but it tells me that I have already reported this user.
    I know that there is a lot going on with sorting out the website but it would be nice to know that when we report a user it is seen and investigated. The horrible thing is that Spam on a website makes the site looked unloved and uncared for 🙁

  • 11 hrs, 30 mins ago

    Is there a way that I can stay logged in?

    With the old site i was always logged in but since the change I have to constantly log in.

    • 5 hrs, 49 mins ago

      That happens to me on Beauty Crew, Meedee. I don’t think there’s ever been a time where I haven’t been logged out. I hope you can get it sorted here on BH.

      • 4 hrs, 10 mins ago

        Its very frustrating S-P.

        Sadly im not comfortable with the site and wish we could go back to the old one. I know people in the Tech Dept always get this thing where they think its a great idea to modernize things but unless its a super smooth transition (which this has not been) then its so very hard for the users. If it aint broke dont fix it 🙁

        That being said…. Rewards Room worked well as far as purchasing was concerned although some of the sections were very hard to access and the only way I could get to see all products was to go through each and every page via ‘view all’

  • 16 hrs, 58 mins ago

    I am disappointed that there isn’t an indicator in “my account” showing replies to our comments. I don’t want to go back through each article I’ve commented on to see if there are replies to my comments. I like the articles but I also enjoy and have learned a lot from the comments and replies. I like the visuals of the new site but to be honest I really prefer the old site. It’s kind of hard to explain but I felt more connected to members on the old site, where as the new site just feels more cluttered and distant.

  • 1 day, 2 hrs ago

    There’s no comment box or other comments visible on the So, Chrissy Teigen Just Got An Eyebrow Transplant article.

  • 1 day, 3 hrs ago

    The formatting box has disappeared from the top of the reply box!

    You know, the box with B I B-quote L̲i̲n̲k̲s̲ Del Img Code Close Tags

  • 1 day, 6 hrs ago

    Really struggling navigating the forums on the new site – why I haven’t been on here much.
    Usually go to latest comments but it only displays one page – no selection to go on next page.
    Clicking on the topic to see recent comments but if it’s not on the Latest Activity, I don’t get to it.

    • 21 hrs, 27 mins ago

      I’m really struggling navigating my way around the forums too, so it’s not just you! Why did they have to change it when it was great the way it was??? I used to contribute here often, but I’m really missing it now.

    • 1 day, 3 hrs ago

      @Kassalee: my reply to you disappeared.

      It’s hard without the old “Hot Topics”.

      “Recent replies” & “Recent topics” only show the last 5 threads in use, but like a lot of things on the site, it’s now in the care of actress Helen Hunt.

      So, go to Helen Hunt for it!

      • 5 hrs ago

        Guess I’ll have to try and check Recent Comments and Recent Topics a few times a day to not miss anything – maybe that’s why they’ve changed it???
        Anyway not possible @misfortune8 and I’m sure there’s a joke in your reference to Helen Hunt and I think I get it!

  • 1 day, 7 hrs ago

    @Izzy09 I kept receiving that error message when trying to make a comment via my phone. So tried it on my computer and it worked, for now.

    • 1 day, 4 hrs ago

      Oh, I don’t have a computer.

      At least I now know I’m not the only one having this issue. I’m just viewing the site on the desktop version on my phone and boy it’s annoying me because it makes everything so tiny to try and fit it all on my phones screen! 😒

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