3 mths ago

New Make Up brands

Hey all

Has anyone tried any new make up brands recently? At the moment I am trying out the Rose Inc make up range and OMG I’m obsessed! A little pricey but 100% worth it! The quality is *chefs kiss*

Other brands I am trying atm are Ilia (not a new brand) as I got some samples and Rare Beauty.

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  • Gail157PlatinumGail157
    2 mths, 2 wks ago

    No, I have not tried these – in fact I didn’t know they existed. I shall be on the lookout now.

  • 2 mths, 3 wks ago

    Oooh. I’m intrigued. I do love Ilia!

  • 3 mths ago

    Also anyone else tried Rose Inc or Rare beauty? What are your thoughts/experiences?

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