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Need new glasses.

Hey Beauties,

A few weeks back while having a shower john had left our bedroom door open and dusty got into the room and grabbed my glasses. So for about 10min dusty had been chewing on my glasses. John had thought he was chewing on a bone.

So now I can see bite marks all over my glasses.

Now i don’t have $500 to get new ones and I don’t have health insurance (even then I may need to wait 3-6 months to calm)

Now some people have been saying to go into Spec savers. But there is nothing I like and I won’t be wearing something I’m not 100% happy in.

What i want is my Ray Bans back.
Why not use the same frames? Well they also have bite marks all in them.

Let’s just say they have pretty much had it.

So I was just goggling Ray bans and came across this site.


I was just wondering if people have brought prescription glasses online?

I have called opsm and they are sending me all my details.

My Ray Bans will cost $119.01
I’m not yet 100% sure what my frames will cost as I don’t have the prescription yet.

I was planning about at check out with the numbers and I went to mid-range with prescription lenses and some are free.

Shipping is $10.

So I’m thinking no less than $129.01 and no more then maybe $200

I’m just wondering why it’s so cheap??

If anyone has done this online or know why it’s so cheap please let me know 🙂

P.S Its in American dollars so even better


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