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Menopause & Hair Loss

Heading (altogether way to fast) towards menopause & have, am losing so much hair.
Currently it’s roughly half the thickness it was this time last year with no signs of slowing down ☹️
Im regularly using both leave in & wash out treatments, Argan Oil, protein builder & always a quality shampoo & conditioner
Is there any products recommended to help your hair over this time of life?
Added problem, any product must be suitable for a sensitive scalp (& skin)

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    I too agree that you should avoid SLS and SLES and hair dyes. I even had considerable hair loss when regularly using non permanent hair colorants ie Livecolor. Not overwashing is also a big help I have noticed. My hair has thickened considerably since avoiding these things.

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    Thanks for these comments as I hadn’t given this a thought or connection with my hair.

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    You could try rosemary oil and massage into your scalp -You can even make that at home with a base massage oil and leave rosemary to soak in in for a few days and also rinse your hair with rosemary water -Boil a few sprigs of rosemary and leave to cool -rinse hair and rub into scalp and leave in .

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    O yeah I have that!! I love it so much – it’s one of my favourite hair products and I have fine hair but it’s long and it is fantastic for my hair.

    This is in response to M8’s hair product suggestion below. I don’t know why the reply went above instead of below. I clicked on the right ‘reply’ word and everything!

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    G’day, @Cat665: have you mentioned this to your doctor? It could be a symptom of thyroid disease. The likelihood of acquiring thyroid disease increases as we age. I got diagnosed in my 20s – it means medication for life, but it’s not a major concern, so don’t fret if this is the cause of your hair loss.

    The GROW haircare range, available from Woolies, has long been on my radar, but I haven’t tried them yet.

    Their Thicker Fuller Thickening Treatment is listed here on Bh:

    Thicker Fuller Thickening Treatment

    Good luck!

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      I’ve used the Grow Shampoo, Conditioner & Hair Mask. I noticed a huge reduction in my hair loss & had lots of regrowth around the front, so much in fact that I ended up with a small fringe. They smell beautiful too. In my experience, avoiding SLS/SLES & permanent hair dyes has been the answer to measurably reducing my hair loss.

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