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14 yrs, 5 mths ago

Lucas Paw Paw Ointment

Just needed to share my thoughts…

This has to be one of the best products EVER.. Now i know that’s a massive claim BUT this little Miracle in a Tube (or Jar) can be used for just about anything and works like magic.

I partially use it for my cuticles and tough skin on my feet and can notice the difference overnight. It also sits on my bedside table and makes a luscious overnight balm…

If you haven’t tried it yet – Do yourself a favour.. It’s amazing!!!!!!!!!

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  • HippyPlatinumHippy
    11 yrs ago

    I use this occasionally, it`s quite nice. Kind of .. sticky though.

  • BellaaaaPlatinumBellaaaa
    11 yrs ago

    I used a whole tube of this on my lips when i was down at the snow :p

  • 11 yrs ago

    Love this sooooooooooooo much!

    Very beauty addictive 😀

    Keep some always in my handbag….

    Where is my handbag? lol….

    Ah! Thanks, needed that 🙂


  • 11 yrs, 1 mth ago

    this is not just another product!! it really is the one for also everyone… so get yourself one asap! 🙂 look for the red hint hint

  • dolly winkPlatinumDolly wink
    Founding Member
    11 yrs, 1 mth ago

    I`ve used it for a couple of years now – you can use it for just about ANYTHING ! Always use it as a lipgloss and put it on dry skin overnight, AND this may sound strange, but in emergencies you can rub a tiny amount in your fingertips and apply to top of hair to tame flyaways etc … but remember, only put a tiny amout on though, any more than that and your hair will look greasy instead !

    Good tip!
    I didn`t even think of this.
    Paw paw ointment is a god send haha

  • 11 yrs, 1 mth ago

    Yum yum yum I LOVE THIS BALM IT IS MY SAVIOUR!! I use it for everything! 🙂

  • MollygirlPlatinumMollygirl
    11 yrs, 1 mth ago

    I am loving it at the moment. I have really sore lips that are sun damaged and I cant use anything with chemicals because they make them worse but this is really helping. It not only soothes but keeps them moist too. I apply a lot before I go to bed.

  • Gorejessx3PlatinumGorejessx3
    11 yrs, 1 mth ago

    This is such a good multipurpose ointment, I mainly ever use it for dry, chapped lips though and it fixes that up right away. Great product 🙂

  • AprilmcrPlatinumAprilmcr
    11 yrs, 2 mths ago

    I had severely dry lips so I used some of this and it took just one day of use and my lips were silky smooth!

  • 13 yrs, 6 mths ago

    The best, ranging from beauty to medical, i love it, my daughter is 5 and has a tube of her own, you know, dry lips, mozzie bites etc.
    Starting young but nothing like a mini me, my hubby says.

    WATCH OUT beauty cabinet here she comes!!!

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