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Lift Esteem

I am 42 years old and am seriously overweight, am seeing a dietician and really now just need to get truly motivated. I have just found BH recently and I have found that just by reading all of the great hints and tips and all the wonderful positive feedback, that I am taking more care of me and although I am a beauty junkie from way back, I am feeling more up with the trends and my spirits have been lifted. Has anyone else found BH has helped their esteem?

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    @Seashells – so good to see your comments re your dad. We have all been worried and I am sure you know that but working out how to find things in here is kind of hard still.

    At least your dad has had the surgery now and hopefully things just get better for him from now on. It’s been a full on ride for you and your mum during all this happening and with covid everywhere, what a nightmare and of course your anxiety would be worse now too.

    Do keep us posted and you know we all care for you and your dad and mum too.

    Just stay safe out there.

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    @Seashells, I’ve tried to post to see how your Dad’s been going but without success more than once. Also checked the Lift Esteem thread and didn’t see your last update before this one.

    Thinking of all your family, pleased you managed to get your booster. Mega hugs and know we’re thinking of you and your Mum and Dad too. Thanks for the update. Hoping for positives from here on.

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    @Seashells: that’s a huge relief! I hope your dad continues to stay clear.

    I think a lot of us are going up & down, mentally. I’ve had all 3 shots, but I’m rarely venturing out. I’m fed up!

    Sending ❤

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    Thankyou Seashell very pleased your Dad’s surgery went well and he’s already on the mend. A relief for you all to have things back to normal.
    You certainly will be feeling a bit stressed and will just have to take care of yourself. Having the booster will be a relief as regards to getting covid and hopefully you won’t have a reaction.

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    Gonna bump this thread & see if anyone notices…

    My dad had his surgery 2 weeks ago & all went well. He has to go back & see the surgeon in 2 weeks to see whether or not he needs further treatment (i.e. chemo etc.), but so far so good. He’s just real tired & I think the diverticulitis he’s also been diagnosed with has returned (he had it removed whilst in surgery, but now it appears to have come back after he ate some certain foods…gotta work all of that out).

    Other than that, I’m ok. Have had my booster today, so now I just want to isolate myself/stay home until it takes full effect. Have luckily dodged Omicron so far, despite getting a zillion pings on my phone from Service NSW as a casual contact. Mentally I’m up & down, but thems the breaks when you suffer from anxiety.

  • 1 month ago

    Ok dokies, let’s see if I can update you all on my dad’s situation because boy oh boy have things moved fast!

    So Monday last week he had the CT scan & funnily enough the mass didn’t even show up on the scan, so I guess that’s a good sign that it’s early stage. There were no other things showing up on the scan either, so thankfully this appears to have NOT spread.

    Last Wednesday he met with the colorectal surgeon, who said he could get him in pre-Christmas. We knocked back that offer since we’re going away over Chrissie & didn’t want to cancel it. My dad’s now going into hospital on 4th January, however, AFAIK he’ll be doing the same prep he did for the colonoscopy (i.e. limiting solids etc) for the surgery, so NYE will be his last hurrah in terms of food until after the surgery it seems. Unfortunately it also means we can’t go & celebrate my mum’s birthday on the 2nd, but that’s a small price to pay right now.

    He’s also getting his booster shot tomorrow, earlier than what my mum or I will be. (My guess is we might have to still wait until February, pending what our study co-ordinator tells us as things keep changing all the time.) He’s also been instructed to try & lose a bit of weight prior to surgery as it will determine whether they have to cut him open instead of doing keyhole surgery, but that’s easier said than done given that it’s the Christmas period (although he could still afford to try to lose a little since he’s rather overweight).

    So that’s it. I’m ok, although I had a wobbly moment with my mental health last week, which wasn’t fun. It wasn’t entirely related to the current situation with my dad though. I’m over it now thankfully.

  • 1 month, 2 wks ago

    Nah, no fear nor anger on my side. Anything of the sort has disappeared – was feeling more angry & fearful during the lockdown tbh.

  • 1 month, 2 wks ago

    seashells, thinking of you all. terrible that your Dad had to wait for the colonoscopy, but now treatments should be done quickly. Hopefully you”ll all be able to have a nice relaxing holiday when he’s recovered, you’ll all be needing one.
    the only way I can comment now is when I go on the computer otherwise I’d have replied sooner.

  • 1 month, 2 wks ago

    Seashells, not good, but not the worst news. At least now you can plan. Hopefully everything gets sorted simply and quickly, current medicine is a wonderful thing. We are all here for you.

  • 1 month, 2 wks ago

    @Seashells….tried to send a message 3 times and keep the error so will make it short this time to see if it comes up. Glad the colonoscopy is over for him and just take each day as it comes now. Plus you know the Lift Esteem is here for you and anyone else that needs to chat.

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