1 month ago

LED Light Therapy Aldi Mask

Hi everyone,

Aldi is selling an LED Light Therapy Mask for $249 here.

This is much cheaper than the Dennis Gross LED mask sold at MECCA.

Does anyone own one and is it worth it?

I’m exploring buying an LED and near infra red light panel on eBay!

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  • 4 wks ago

    I bought years ago NuFace. Was on some insane promo sale with cheap LED attachment head. Closest on the specks in strength as that og omnilux.

    • 4 wks ago

      Can not post the short review?! Do we have word count limit for forum posts?

      I keep getting “error” red message.

      • 3 wks, 6 days ago

        Used it at the start. Both current and led. Did see change in plumpness and bounciness / elasticity in my skin. Then got lazy to use them. LED must be hand held. Directly on the skin and really penetrates deep. Deeper than regular LED masks.

  • 1 month ago

    Please don’t waste your money, they don’t work and it is the biggest scam ever. The dermal clinic intensity is the appropriate one to go for.

    • 4 wks ago

      Thanks for the heads-up Omyara,

      I decided to purchase a near infrared light panel on eBay as I have issues with pain as well. If it doesn’t work, my hubby plans to use it as as a grow light!

  • 1 month ago

    Thanks for the details.

  • wow I just had a look Lucy and it has 7 colours!! Mine only has three. It probably has more lights than mine too. Enjoy!

    • 1 month ago

      It’s tempting to purchase it! What benefits do you see with your mask?

      • The yellow light is meant to be anti-inflammatory, the red one anti-ageing and the blue light for oily acne/ zits etc. I do find it gives mild difference in my appearance so I don’t mind it – I like to have a go at whatever has good recommendations and this did. I’ve also had a red LED light hand held device years ago which I loved as it was suppose to boost collagen levels in the skin but it concked out. I suppose I just believe that they work in hope that they do! ; ) But seriously I do find they make my skin look better straight away – an extra glow, redness gone, zits relieved etc depending on the colour that I use. Nothing hugely massive but something better – and mine doesn’t have many lights. The aldi one looks like it would have heaps more lights.

      • 1 month ago

        I’ve heard near infrared works wonders for pain too!

  • Amazing what Aldi sells these days!!

    I have a cheaper one that is fun and easy to use – I expect they all are. Mine charges up on my laptop! I think any LED mask can help – the doctors seem to be all for them!

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