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“JAZZ” YSL Plz help me find this perfume

Does anybody know where I can buy this fragrance from?

To see exactly what the product looks like, just click on the “SEARCH” tab on the top left hand corner, then type in “JAZZ” & it should come up directly underneath as “Jazz EDT Spray”.

Thank you all for your help…..!

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    They do discontinue perfumes at times. Remember Champagne? It’s a YSL one, now called Yvresse but it was off the market for a few years.

  • 1 w, 5 days ago

    Thankyou girls(Ethelinde & Jessica712)

    Yeah I have searched far & wide & internationally, & yes it is around but it’s not the same one that I used many many years ago.
    Bottle shape has completely changed, which I’m not concerned about, it’s the formula/ingredients that has changed & the scent is no where near as nice as it use to be.

  • 1 w, 5 days ago

    Google it (you should type in its full name and not abbreviations like “EDT” etc. to get the best results) and then click on the tab for Shopping – it will show you where you can buy it from and prices.

  • 1 w, 5 days ago

    Maybe chemist warehouse.

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