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Is Bicarb to whiten teeth safe?

If I used Bicarb of Soda to brush my teeth is it safe, or will it damage my tooth enamel?

Thank you

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  • 9 yrs, 2 mths ago

    Hi everyone,

    I work in the dental industry and bicarb soda is only good for removing stains. If you keep brushing repeatedly with bicarb soda, you will definitely do long-term damage to your teeth as it is highly abrasive. If you want to whiten teeth, that is NOT the way to go. The more enamel you wear away, the yellow the teeth are because of less enamel and you expose dentine which causes sensitivity.

    If you want to whiten teeth in a safe and effective manner, the only way is seeking dental professional advice from your local friendly dentist. And depending on your teeth and the fillings you have and the condition of your gums etc, whitening products/treatment will be recommended appropriately.

    Trust me, I work in the dental care industry…and have been for 9 years…WOW…

  • 9 yrs, 2 mths ago

    I have not used it because I think the enamel on our teeth isnt strong enough for regular bi-carb use. I have a feeling its too abrasive for our teeth.

    Maybe the toothpaste containing bi-carb have a very low amount and may have some other gentle cleanser to keep the bi-carb less abrasive.

    I am still not sure about it, although it sounds tempting.

  • 9 yrs, 2 mths ago

    If I used Bicarb of Soda to brush my teeth is it safe, or will it damage my tooth enamel?

    Thank you

    I think it’s alright as long as you don’t do every day… Maybe do it once a week or so… I have been using peroxide to whiten my teeth and it works but units definitely not safe. U have to be really careful not to swallow it so I just dip my toothbrush in it and brush!

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    Um, I actually use this with my toothpaste. Just a little on top of my toothpaste and I brush like usual. However, I only do this once a day, mainly in the morning. It does work. It makes them nice and white, maybe not seriously white but clean and fresh. It’s groose tasting, but worth it. It also won’t do too bad to the enamel if you use small amount once every day. Hope that helped 🙂

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    I remember when I was younger (maybe 12 or 13) a friend used baking soda with their toothpaste to whiten there teeth. From then on I used it twice a week.
    When I was 16 I noticed some toothpaste brands were advertising there toothpastes having baking or bi-carb soda in them. If it is so abrasive how come we use it in cooking?
    I like it, its a cheap and easy teeth whitening product. I am sure it works just as good as some expensive products.

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    Diishere you can brush your teeth with Bicarb but have you actually tried it? I have and it’s pretty awful – very salty and gritty and disgusting. I doubt it would be good for your enamel either – it’s quite abrasive.

    I thought it was too abrasive, it will whiten your teeth, but cause more damage to the enamel.

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    I read long ago that bicarb is one of the main ingredients in toothpaste… might not be true and I’m not going to google it for fear of what I might find lol

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    Here it is: http://www.beautyheaven.com.au/forums/4/topics/9189

    tooth whitening mix arrowroot and cinnamon 3:1, use a wet tooth brush to work it over your teeth, rinse well, i usually brush with tooth paste to make sure there are no little bits of cinnamon in my teeth afterwards.

    ^^ Thanks to cassiebt for that one. It’s safe too.

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    I did this as a at home project once. 😀
    My teacher made us go home and make ‘toothpaste’ with bi carb soda and other stuff. but…it tastes HORRIBLE. BLEH UGH GEH.

    I remember on a recent thread, i think it was called DIY masks.One of the ladies suggested one with cinnamon and umm..wait, let me check.

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