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How long does it take for a review to be moderated?

Hiya, sorry I know this has probably been asked and answered somewhere else, but does anyone know how long it takes for a review to be moderated? Thanks.

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  • SeashellsPlatinumSeashells
    1 w, 5 days ago

    I think it’s about a week, but it depends on your rating of the product & what you’ve written about it. I’ve done 2 3-star reviews this week for products that my skin (or scalp) didn’t get along with & I expect that they might take longer to publish due to my concerns.

  • Divine DivaPlatinumDivine Diva
    2 wks ago

    @Haylee_ it takes about a week for a review to be approved and posted, however I think BH is a little short staffed at the moment so it could take a little longer. Hope this helps 😀

    • 1 w, 6 days ago

      Good to know -Yes they appear to be short staffed as if you email them it is forever before you receive a reply and sometimes not even that . Hopefully not Covid related illness though

    • 1 w, 6 days ago

      Thank you so much! I’ve had the opportunity to submit a lot this week and I wasn’t sure 🙂

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