9 years, 4 months ago

Help! My dog swallowed a bone!

I know this is far from beauty related but my 1 year old Kelpie just swallowed a cooked chop bone around 3 cm long. She is her normal self at the moment but I’m not sure if I should panic? Has anyone else had this happen?

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    For 3 years my dog ​​Jack has been living with me, he always loved to eat delicious food, especially what you can’t eat or it is not edible at all. I once bought myself a packet of Oreo cookies and left them on the table. My dog, without hesitation for a long time, ran to try what kind of yummy I brought. Upon my return, I noticed that the pack was already on the floor, and not on the table and there were a couple of fewer cookies. At first, I laughed at how gluttonous my dog ​​is, but soon I got scared if these cookies would harm his body. I also went online and came across the blog what happens if your dog eats oreos . After reading it, I was relieved to go for a walk with my dog, because nothing bad was supposed to happen, but in the future, it is better to avoid such situations.

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