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Grow Haircare Thicker Volumising Dry Shampoo, Longer Stronger Anti Breakage Hair Mask and Stimulating Scalp Scrub

Are you currently trialling the Grow Haircare as part of theTrial Team?

This is now the dedicated forum thread where you can come throughout your trial to ask any questions about the product, share your experiences with fellow members about the product, and even answer some of the questions other Trial Teamers may have about these products.
So, let us know how you’re going with the Trial Team because we’d absolutely love to hear all about it!

(Nudge, nudge: for those who aren’t on this particular Trial Team, please feel free to join in the convo and ask our Trial Teamers about their road test – we’re all as curious as you are!)

Eleni x

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    musman above marked as spam. It’s a fairly innocuous comment but the blue link takes you to a website called glamhow. We all post links on BH to help others out but we don’t “hide” our intentions.

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    I’ve reported opphawks above as spam.

    & now musman00 below.

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    can i say glam look?

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