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Favourite Mags – Countrystyle

I have a favourite magazine – Countrystyle and wondered if anyone else has a fave mag too? What is it that you love about it?

I love that there was a bh ad in this current issue! full page ad too – I got a nice surprise! I love the photos generally in it and the real life stories and all the info on country things like travel, activities, current issues etc etc etc. Love it all really!

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  • 1 w ago

    I don’t read Countrystyle, but I do read MINDFOOD every month & enjoy it. They’ve got a good mix of articles + the puzzles & colouring stencils at the back are fun to do & good for the brain as well.

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    I hardly ever read a magazine. Books are my favourite. So much and many to choose from.

  • 1 w, 3 days ago

    I’ve never read it. Maybe I should go and look for it at the newsagents.

  • 1 w, 4 days ago

    Discovered Countrystyle magazine back in 2016!

    Prefer Home and garden themed magazines. Often find myself getting lost in them

  • 1 w, 4 days ago

    @CCW what a great topic!

    I love Country Style mag, Home Beautiful, inside Out because I love seeing what new ideas people have come up with for there homes.
    I also love the gardening magazines and during the School Holidays my son will be at Nanna’s while I’m working, so they are going to grow a vegetable patch together with Nan and Pa.

    I also love Delicious magazine as I’m a chef and love to see what new produce is available and different ideas I can make for dinner.
    I’m old school and love books and magazines as opposed to reading on my iPad.
    I love when it’s raining and you can sit down with a cuppa and a good magazine and I find I get so engrossed in it that time just flies.

    • 1 w, 4 days ago

      Thanks DD! and wow you’re a chef!! That is so great – I can imagine why Delicious appeals to you.

      Yes I read tangible books / mags too – I have a subscription to Country Style and in comes in the real post and not via my emails as a web one.

      How beautiful that your son will be building a vege patch together with his Nanna and Pa – and lifelong memories too by the sounds of it. That’s beautiful.♥

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