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Facial sunscreen spray/mist

Hi beauties! I’m after recommendations on sunscreen mists for my face.
I apply a SPF 50+ sunscreen lotion from Skinceuticals every morning but I don’t reapply it after that as I get quite oily from one application and I hardly wear makeup these days as I’m a stay at home mum at the moment. I head out daily for walks, running errands etc so I’m exposed to the sun and I need protection throughout the day. I used to use one from Garnier but they discontinued it.

Thanks in advance ☺

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  • 9 mths, 3 wks ago

    If you are interested in J-beauty products I would recommend Shiseido Anessa Perfect UV Spray Sunscreen. Anessa is famous for their sunscreen lines but can be a little bit pricey and hard to purchase in Australia.:)

  • 9 mths, 4 wks ago

    Thanks Ethelinde and Frenchy1 🙂

  • 10 mths ago

    La Roche-Posay have got quite a few excellent spray sunscreens.

  • 10 mths ago

    Avène Sunscreen Spray SPF 50+. I just spray in hands and rub all over. No biggy.

    Sunscreen mists are good for hair – yep, you need UV protection for your hair. I tend to use it when at the beach/swimming but like thin formulas. Wouldn’t recommend the Avene for this but that is one reason why I always have a can of sunscreen mist around.

  • 10 mths ago

    Sorry no help here. I don’t use them either, as I’ve been told by a cancer specialist that they are ineffective if you don’t apply very generously and also rub it in.

    • 10 mths ago

      I totally understand that they`re not as effective as a cream but my thought is wouldn`t it be at least a little more effective using a spray as opposed to not reapplying at all?

      • 10 mths ago

        I don`t use them personally because I have very fair skin (lots of red hair in the gene pool) so I burn very easily, but you are right, something is always better than nothing.

      • 10 mths ago

        It will be better to get mineral powder SPF 50 for touch-ups. And yes it`s better than not reapplying for sure.

  • 10 mths ago


    I also wear sunscreen daily when I go out, but I’m not big on sunscreen mists, so I’ve got no suggestions, Belle.


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