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Eyeshadow application

Hi Beauties,

I am seeking advice on how to apply eyeshadow. I rarely wear any makeup, though I do own some nice stuff. I would love to know how to apply eyeshadow so I can really see the pigment itself on my eyelid. Also, is there a toned down type of ‘smokey’ eye I can do?

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    Use a small fluffy brush for blending, add small amounts of eyeshadow and sort of layer to add extra depth. Remember you can add more product but you can’t take it off easily so take your time.

    Also, use a base to make the colours pop!

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    Try a long-wear cream shadow and a long-wear gel eyeliner blended together. This is a quick and simple way to create a smokey eye.
    Simply apply the shadow all over the lid, blending it over and over towards the outer corner for the smokey effect. Then apply the gel eyeliner along the bottom lid and lash line, smudging it with a small eye brush.
    Try a dark cream shadow for an intense smokey eye and a shimmer cream shadow for a softer finish.
    You could also watch Simple smokey eye for beginners on YouTube.

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