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Depression and Skincare regimen.

Hi Beauties,

My depression has been pretty bad these past two years hence why I’m only now active again in the BH community.

I have sadly let my skin go but I’m needing to build up a consistent skincare and self-care regimen.

My mind feels as cluttered as my bathroom sink!

For the life of me I can’t remember at which step to apply serums or oils.

Where should I start?

Big love to you all! ❤️ 😊

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  • 1 day, 7 hrs ago

    Lucy16: The general rule has always been thinnest consistency followed by thick. However, this rule isn’t standard when it comes to oils because the consistency of oils can vary. Oils that are thicker and with near occlusive properties (e.g. marula oil and rosehip oil) should typically go somewhere at the end of a routine but before or mixed with moisturisers/creams.

    Skincare routines are a form of self-care and expression of self-love. I cannot say I have had clinical depression but have had really dark periods in my life where I did not really want to live anymore, and establishing and sticking to a skincare routine was partially what saved my life. It taught me to care for and love myself again.

    • 10 hrs, 4 mins ago

      Good on you -Keep it up. Self Love causes you to glow from the inside which is the nicest beauty of all.

    • 13 hrs, 57 mins ago

      Thanks so much for your insight Ethelinde!

  • 1 day, 20 hrs ago

    I cleanse, tone, serum, moisturise. I don’t suffer from depression but if I’m down I like a bath, mask and Netflix.

  • 1 day, 22 hrs ago

    When I’m depressed I use less steps. I’ll use a face wipe and toner to clean skin. A serum or oil and then moisturiser to seal ( beauty school said oil is lighter than a moisturiser and will.seal it so it doesn’t grease up your pillow at night!) In the day put primer on top of moisturiser and sunscreen then foundation if very depressed it’s face wipe and water and a sheet mask! That’s it.

    • 1 day, 9 hrs ago

      I really love this idea and I’m so grateful for the BH community.

      Last night I managed a single cleanse with my FOREO and my QV gentle cleanser, toned with my Hada Labo Toners and titrated my retinoid with my QV eczema lotion.


  • 2 days, 1 hr ago

    I was coming into say. I’m another member with depression. Some days I’m okay, some days I’m terrible.

  • 2 days, 2 hrs ago

    I don’t know if skincare in itself is beneficial for depression, but caring for yourself is. I like to use my skincare steps to wind down in the evening. It can boost your self esteem and mood imo, similar to the benefits you get after you eat a healthy meal or get some exercise.

    • 1 day, 22 hrs ago

      I used to use my skincare regimen to wind down but then the Black Dog came nipping!

  • 2 days, 2 hrs ago

    There have been a few Bh articles about the order of skincare. I had a good one favourited, but that’s lost now.

    My skin can’t absorb too many products, so I apply thin serum/s then oil last. I can’t use moisturiser & oil, or it just sits on my skin like soup.

    • 1 day, 22 hrs ago

      I just came across a couple and would love the favourites button reimplemented- just need to be patient!

  • 2 days, 4 hrs ago

    OoO0 love this chat!🥰
    Skincare is such a great selfcare step. Getting into a routine and being consistent definitely pays off and is one of my favourite things to do of a night (especially in lockdown).
    Hopefully you can get back into the swing of things again 🤩

    I was always told as a general rule.. thinnest to thickest, the debate of oil before or after moisturiser is one that I still am unsure of. I generally put oil on over moisturiser at night to seal it all in!

    I also love to apply serums and skincare to a wet face, as it tends to assist with absorption so often mist after cleansing or apply serums after a toner.

    Hope this helps! Love to hear some of everyones other routine tricks and tips!

    • 10 hrs, 2 mins ago

      Thanks Eleni -this sounds like a good process

    • 1 day, 22 hrs ago

      Thanks so much Eleni!

      I’ve been trying to meditate while using an LED lamp and burning a Glasshouse candle!

      I’ll be taking your tips on board!

      Thanks for checking in. ❤️

      • 1 day, 9 hrs ago

        That sounds divine! Always remember to take time for yourself 💖 x

  • 2 days, 9 hrs ago

    Thanks so much for the tip Lisa! Greatly appreciated!

  • 2 days, 9 hrs ago

    I usually apply serum after I’ve cleansed and toned. The oil I am currently using tells me to put it over the serum then follow with moisturiser.

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