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Daylight Savings Reminder!


If you’re in NSW, Victoria, Tassie, SA or ACT, get ready to put clocks FORWARD an hour on Saturday night/Sunday morning! At 2am, wind the clock FORWARD to 3am 4 April 2022, or do it before you go to bed Saturday night,

As I always say, it takes me six months to get over this!

For non-Sydneysiders, this is the gorgeous water clock at Hornsby.

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  • 2 mths, 4 wks ago


    I meant to remind everyone a few days ago, but I forgot. For those in states that observe daylight savings, it’s OVER for another 6 months! Reset your clocks on Saturday night. An hour extra sleep! Yay!

    OP has been edited with the correct information.

  • 1 yr, 2 mths ago

    Guess who got caught! I just got up an hour early to go to a family picnic & was about to walk out the door. My OP has been edited for anyone who wasn’t aware that daylight savings ended last night.

  • 1 yr, 9 mths ago

    where would we be without you misfortune8

  • 1 yr, 9 mths ago

    Wow that’s come round quickly, didn’t even think about it because I live in Qld.

  • 1 yr, 9 mths ago


    It’s on again – the time of year I hate the most! Daylight savings comes in for everyone except Banana Benders, Top Enders & Sandgropers.

    My opening post has been edited with the correct details for this weekend.

  • 2 yrs, 2 mths ago


    It’s this weekend, folks!

    For the few who are still working, you don’t want to front up an hour early! For the rest of us, it doesn’t make a whole lot of difference. I hate turning my clock forward every October & look forward to putting it back in April, but this year, it doesn’t make much difference.

    My opening post has been edited with the correct details.

  • 2 yrs, 8 mths ago

    Wish we had daylight saving, I live in Qld. Totally forgot about it until I saw something about it on the news last night.

  • 2 yrs, 8 mths ago

    That clock brings me back so many memories!!

    When we first arrived in Australia we got a photo there.
    Thanks for the reminder!!
    Now it won’t be so bright at 5am!

  • 2 yrs, 8 mths ago

    I can remember having trouble going to sleep when I was little because it was still light outside. It seems like so long ago. All my adult life I’ve never had daylight savings. Alot of people in W.A hate it because it adds another hour to the time zone differences with the eastern states.

    The clock is so cool – steampunk!

  • 2 yrs, 8 mths ago

    Me too, more sunlight in the arvo means more time in the day to do stuff outside! =)

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