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Contact Lens Wearers – Tips, Funny Stories, Brand Experiences

I thought, since contact lenses (because I need them to see) have been such a huge part of the last nearly 4 decades of my life, that I would love to hear about others experiences with brands, any funny stories and any tips that beauties may like to offer here to discuss.

So to start with I wear Focus Dailies because I love just being able to chuck them out at the end of the day and I never have to worry about cleaning them.

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  • 2 days, 22 hrs ago

    I bought some ‘brown’ ones off the internet in my prescription strength so I could wear them properly but when I put them in I realised that they design wasn’t right for me and they made my eyes look really big! I went downstairs to where my husband was and he said I looked like an alien lol!

  • 5 days, 12 hrs ago

    Wow! So pretty! Green is the rarest eye colour!

  • 6 days, 9 hrs ago

    I bought green lenses too a long time ago. I remember wearing them one night when I was living on campus. Ended up scaring the person I was sitting next to because he wasn’t expecting me to have a different eye colour. 😛

    • 5 days, 11 hrs ago

      How funny. i guess it would be strange to see someone you know well with a different colour eyes. It must be fun changing the colour of your eyes all the time.

    • 5 days, 18 hrs ago

      Lol! It would’ve been even funnier if you’d just worn one tinted contact! 😂

      • 2 days, 19 hrs ago

        I used to know a guy with different coloured eyes: one green & one brown. He was ridiculously hot! He was French & was a dead-ringer for Jim Morrison.

      • 5 days, 16 hrs ago

        hehe, love it!

  • 6 days, 19 hrs ago

    yeh I understand about the small writing thing! i take my contacts out and I can see so much better – like perfectly close up for small things too. long distance though I need them!

    ha ha that is funny about you preparing for your big night out! : D

  • 6 days, 20 hrs ago

    Oh and I remember I got green ones once, I’n not sure if you can still buy ones that change your eye colour anymore? my eyes are normally blue. At the time it was a bit of fun, but I probably looked like a alien!

    • 6 days, 19 hrs ago

      I remember also getting light green one’s once too Lisa! – and my eyes were already lime green so this just enhanced it and people commented constantly so I ended up never buying them again! too many comments! lol

      then I tried blue ones and they didn’t suit my skin or hair colouring.

      Now I would love to try a good pair of brown ones but I don’t know what ones might look natural and nice.

  • 6 days, 20 hrs ago

    I’ve been wearing them for 30 years but honestly can’t think of any funny stories, maybe something will come to me later? . I remember going on a date once when I was single, so I stuck the solution and holder in my purse because I was pretty sure I would spend the night with the guy, and I did!, (don’t judge – I was young and immature, not really that sort of girl LOL) I know people who don’t wear them think they must be uncomfortable, like having a eyelash stuck in your eye.

    I remember when you had to put them in one solution for 10 minutes then swap to the other one overnight, so enough time to take off make-up and sort myself out before crashing into bed in the wee hours of the morning. . I’m using Acuvue Oasys , they last a good 2 weeks. I told the optometrist I was having trouble seeing into the distance and she gave me a eye test and was supposed to change my prescription , then I bought 3 months supply only to find out nothing has changed!. I can still wear them, it’s just annoying not to see the small writing at the bottom of the t.v screen thats all. But won’t go back to Laubman and Pank, another optometrist should sort it out.

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