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Competition links (Fifi not allowed as we want to win stuff too)

Thought I’d start a thread where we can all leave links to competitions, might as well be a BHer who wins.

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    [EDIT] This post just popped out of nowhere! It’s a duplicate of a post I made 3 weeks ago.

  • Yes I did too! I need to remind my two daughters who are over 18 – my 17 year old is spew’n she can’t enter! She feels like she’s always been ‘too young’ for everything her whole life and here is another thing to keep her ‘too young’ syndrome going! Oh well, she’ll be 18 in six months and I’m sure she’ll get some healing! lol I told her if I win I’d buy her a car. She was happy with that!!

    • 1 month ago

      Yeah, it takes forever to hit 18 – but God, how the years fly by after that! Haha!

      Good onya for entering, Ccw!

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    I’ve also listed this on the “Have you had the jab …” thread.

    For those of us who’ve been jabbed: enter the Million Dollar Vax Comp

    Entry into the Million Dollar Vax is eligible for any Australian resident aged 18 or over who receives at least one COVID-19 vaccination shot on or before 31 October. To be eligible to receive prizes, entrants must be fully vaccinated by 13 December.

    One entry per person.

    There is 1 x Grand Prize and a total of 3,100 Daily Prizes to be drawn during the Promotional Period. The total prize value for the Million Dollar Vax Promotion is $4,100,000.
    The available prizes are as follows:
    • Grand Prize: $1,000,000 in cash
    • Daily Prizes: 100 x $1,000 Ultimate Gift Card prizes in respect of each day of the Promotional Period. Daily winners will receive an Ultimate Gift Card which is user customisable and carries a value of A$1,000 which can be allocated to a number of store cards.

    I’ve entered!

    Million Dollar Vax

  • sounds like a deal Geej! What can you spend the $30 on? or is it a normal giftcard?

    • 1 month ago

      Its a e-gift card which you can then swap in the “shop” for a gift card. There is Myers, big w, Kmart, Coles etc. you download their app and any beauty purchases you make you scan the barcode. Each week you get 10 or 15 points. Once you hit 100 you can swap for another $10 gift card. The $30 one I think is just your “welcome” reward.

  • 1 month ago

    Not a comp, but if anyone is interested in signing up for the Nielsen beauty panel, this is my referral link.


    If you sign up we each get a $30 gift card.

  • 1 month ago

    Great to see this up and running again😄

  • 1 month ago

    This one is just for Sydneysiders who are close to Broadway Shopping Centre: There’s a very short, easy survey. They don’t ask for your name, just your email address: Win a $250 Gift Card!

  • 1 month, 1 w ago

    Win $3,200+ prizes

    One lucky winner will receive over $3,200+ worth of prizes, including:
    1. Complete Bedding Bundle & Waffle Towel Set
    From ettitude ($684 value)
    2. Gift Card
    From Robert Gordon ($500 value)
    3. Gift Card
    From Marmoset Found ($500 value)
    4. 6-Month Wine Subscription
    From Good Pair Days ($360 value)
    5. The Body Treatment Set & Gift Card
    From Nécessaire ($320 value)
    6. Gift Hamper
    From Pana Organic ($350 value)
    7. Bug Shield Blanket 4-Pack
    From Outer ($500 value)

    My referral link: https://swee.ps/TpVKO_fZEEsZN

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    WIN a $140 gift voucher to use on hand poured soy candles at Australianmade.com.au

    There are a few other non-beauty comps, too. All this month’s comp deadlines are 31 October.

  • 2 months, 3 wks ago

    Referral link – win a share in a luxury Brisbane apartment from really simple money:


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