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Chemist Warehouse exchange,

Talking about Chemist Warehouse, I was given a perfume for my birthday that has a Chemist Warehouse sticker on it, so am presuming that it was bought at CW and I am wondering if they would be good enough to exchange it for me. I dont wear perfume as they give me hayfever?? Any thoughts?

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  • Wow how generous of you. I love perfumes!

  • 1 mth ago

    So in the end I decided to just give the perfume away. So someone else is happy with my birthday present and I am thinking that this is a good present for me too.

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    Good luck with that. I bought something from them once and rang up immediately cause they had charged me for a product I didn’t even buy but I had to go back to the store that day to get my money back and even then, they said I may not get my $ back. It wasn’t worth the trouble of taking it back as it was further to go back down there.

    I would do what @Meedee mentioned, ring the store but they are pretty tough in there. They have a sign, no receipt, no refund on what you buy and you have to do it straight away.

    It may be different for you in that you didn’t buy it but who knows.

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    I would be very surprised if they did an exchange and would be more inclined to regift it myself.

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    You could sell it.

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    They would probably ask for the receipt, It’s worth a try but I don’t like your chances.

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    Best way to find out is to call the store and ask. Would depend on the store managers mood on the day I would think.

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