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Seeing as though people are getting anoyed with us people like myself who tend to go off track when replying to topics I have dedicated this thread for people who just want to chat!!! So feel free to discuss anything you like ladies, who wants to start?

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  • 4 days, 4 hrs ago

    Yes I like seeing where my points come from too -Hopefully that will be reinstated with next update.

  • 4 days, 14 hrs ago

    Hey @Normap, I used to like with the old website when it listed our points and what they were awarded for.

  • 4 days, 18 hrs ago

    Its hard to tell if my RR reviews have received double points or not as I have review other products as well and also made comments. All the points get added together and I dont know of anyway of checking where I got the points from?? Would love to be able to see what reviews I have made over the years.

  • 4 days, 20 hrs ago

    @Petal: keep an eye on “Latest topics” for my new “Forumites’ Favourite Threads” to be approved. It has links to the most popular threads.

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  • 4 days, 20 hrs ago

    @Trish_D – YES!

    I sadly miss the old “Hot Topics” even more than those extra pages of “Latest Activity”. You could miss a few days on the forum & seldom have to go past the first page of HT to catch up.

  • 4 days, 21 hrs ago

    Jatz, I found the “chatting…” thread with a Google search. Something like: “beautyheaven chatting”. I also wondered if we could bookmark the most-used threads to save us for searching for them. I might try this later.

  • 4 days, 21 hrs ago

    Hope it does work, @Misfortune8, @jatz and @Kassalee. I miss being able to follow special threads and find it sad that threads like the birthday thread for example are so much harder to use. The two things I miss most are notifications, which I believe is being looked at and the latest with just 1 page. You can lose so much and have no idea what’s been said.

  • 4 days, 21 hrs ago

    Has anyone had any non-RR reviews go through in January? Did you get double points for them? @Eleni’s message about double review points in January was ambiguously worded, so I don’t know if it applies only to RR reviews or not.

    I’ve just uploaded a few non-RR reviews, but they’re not published yet.

  • 5 days, 14 hrs ago

    I just tried to create a new “Forumites’ Favourite Threads” topic with links to the popular old threads (11:59pm 14 January). It’s pending moderation, so I don’t know how long that’ll take; or, even if this (2nd) attempt will work.

  • 5 days, 18 hrs ago

    @misfortune & @Kassalee – I get the feeling that perhaps BH don’t want to have all those old threads anymore as they were long as they went back for pages and pages on some of them. Maybe start a new one, not sure.

    Members have started new threads here with the new site and some have no comments so just sit there.

    I find it hard to congratulate people with winning now, Lift Esteem, just chatting thread, and impossible to say Happy Birthday wishes to people now.

    I admit I miss the old site but in some ways I do like the new style of the page here at BH and I know I did a review at the new site and found it easier so I guess I have to take the good with the bad?

    I noticed a while back that you can’t comment anymore over at Beauty Crew either.

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