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On Saturday my husband was in Perth wandering around to kill time before he had to be at the airport at 5. He went into the city in Peth to a place called Mode Studio. He bought me a Genuine Prada handbag for $15. No kidding it was genuine.

Apparently the owners do this every year. Big brands donate stock and wealthy people donate brand items they don’t want or want to donate for a good cause and they are sold at no more than $50. There is nothing there my husband told me over $50. He bought himself a cow leather jacket, that was brand new for $45, made in Australia, authentic. There are even brand shoes for no more than $30.

100% of all the money goes to the poor Christian community in Vietnam and apparently they also ship containers of things there every year to help the extremely poor and needy communities in this region.

It definately restores your faith people again. There are good people out there.

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