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BH Events

Hey everyone are you missing the events BH used to host….. I sure am missing them, its been such a long time since we had one. COVID has taken the joy out of our wonderfully hosted events.

any plans for events being hosted in the coming weeks as things are settling in and life is starting to get to normal if we can call it that.
I miss talking to other members,meeting with the BH team.
There are so many changes that we are not across it any more.

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  • SandytPlatinumSandyt
    2 wks, 6 days ago

    So excited to see an event coming up in Sydney.

  • 3 wks, 3 days ago

    I also got an invite to the Sydney event – fingers crossed! Hope the new variant doesn’t wreak havoc on event planning again.

  • Jessica712PlatinumJessica712
    3 wks, 4 days ago

    Wow thats exciting that the events are back.

  • neha.gaminePlatinumNeha.gamine
    3 wks, 5 days ago

    I received an invite for the event and filled it in. Looking forward to hear from the team on which session can I attend. Fingers crossed, I hope I hear back soon from the team 🙂

  • 3 wks, 6 days ago

    I would have loved to have gone to the event but I think I have missed out. It would have been nice to see everyone again.

  • KatynnaPlatinumKatynna
    3 wks, 6 days ago

    Ohhh sounds so fun! Hope I get chosen to go!

  • EllylovesPlatinumEllyloves
    4 wks ago

    I haven’t seen an email. I must have missed out.

  • 4 wks ago

    I just received an invite to the 23 July event but gutted that I won’t be able to attend. I hope to attend one in the future. Can’t wait to hear all about it!

  • SootyherePlatinumSootyhere
    4 wks, 1 day ago

    Sounds great for those receiving invites and able to attend. Can’t wait to hear how it goes. Enjoy.

  • LadyLolaPlatinumLadyLola
    1 mth ago

    The Sydney events are amazing. I live in Canberra but have been lucky enough to attend several Sydney BH events.

    Loads of information, food and fun!

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