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Best scrubby face scrub?

Hi I have very oily skin, prone to dry spots after using Retinol and AHAs, and looking for a good face scrub to use occasionally. Once every so often my face needs a really good scrub!!

I looked in Chemist Warehouse etc. However all the new, natural beads are Jojoba beads, which just melt and don’t scrub anything off.

I still have a bit of Philosophy Purity pore extractor (like a clay mask with scrub so you leave it on, then wet your face and give it a good scrub).

Looking for something similar.

Thanks 😊💕💕

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    Sorry for all the duplicated replies. They didn’t post 3 weeks ago, so I kept trying. Now they’ve all appeared out of nowhere!

    I’ve now edited my duplicated posts.

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    I’m now up to my 8th attempt to reply to you, Scarlett! Sheesh! I tried to edit the one comment that did post by adding my reply there, but that failed, too!

    Well, here goes nothing!

    I used to use face scrubs DAILY – & that was OK because I’ve got uncommonly tough skin (due to thyroid disease). I never managed to eradicate my blackheads until I bought a now-discontinued battery-operated Olay Cleansing Brush. It was just a cheapie, yet I still managed to get it for 50% off. It got rid of my entrenched blackheads completely!

    Then, I won a Dermasonic+ Cleansing Device & it was even better! It’s listed on Bh, here Dermasonic+ It’s USB powered & looks similar to a Foreo, but it’s cheaper. They’re still pricey, though.

    There are a few cheaper options listed on Bh:
    EcoTools Facial Cleansing Brush RRP $13.99.
    Manicare Sonic Mini Rechargeable Facial Cleansing Brush RRP $49.95, but Manicare is often on sale for 40-50% off at Priceline & Chemist Warehouse.

    A powered cleansing brush (battery or USB) makes such a difference it’s amazing – I HIGHLY recommend you consider getting a brush, Scarlett!

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    The Skin02 exfoliant 4% is amazing!!! I have oily zit prone skin and it works wonders for me.

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    I think the Clinique Blackhead 7 Day Pore Cleanse scrub could be what you’re looking for. It’s similar in that it is a mask and a pore-clearing scrub!

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