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Best gel polish (UV/led cured)

What is the best gel polish that doesn’t just peel of after one day? I got a LED nail light kit for Christmas and hoping for some insight on good gel polish.

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  • 1 mth ago

    Diamond nail supplies have a great range, as does Le Beauty

  • 2 mths, 2 wks ago

    @Rivetlicker I purchased some of the UR Sugar colours off of eBay. They came 2 days ago. They are really good. They work better than some of my more expensive ones and they don’t pull. I just bought some more colours now that I like this brand

  • 3 mths, 2 wks ago

    I’ve just bought like 60 odd colours from eBay, the brand is URSUGAR. The pigmentation is phenomenal (even the jelly colours) and they don’t budge if you have a decent base coat on. I get them from a seller called echofairyland – they ship from China and take about 2 weeks to arrive. Don’t bother buying the Australian stocked items because they’re about 4x the price and will probably take the same amount of time to get to you, lol.

    (I’m working on nail art in my spare time, so I need a heap of colours, and at $2.20 a pop, this is the best value! In all honesty, most of the branded kits sold outside of eBay/Aliexpres are often the same products, just with a private label, great if you don’t know what you’re looking for or want to give things a go as an amateur, but if you’re after bulk products for art, there are a few generic brands worth looking at that even the nail pros recommend.)

  • 4 mths, 1 w ago

    @Mumofbeauty – I have no idea but I can tell you of a product I use which is just fabulous. A product called Sistaco. It’s a powder not a polish. I can’t go to salons for gel polishes due to medication but this product is not only fun but so easy. I told my gf about it who spends so much at nail salons and she bought it and has not looked back. Haven’t used it for a few months as my nails refuse to grow at the moment but will definitely go back to using it as it’s easy and looks great. I think if you just look at sistaco.com you will see what it’s about. I saw it on facebook and they show you how it all works.

    • 3 mths, 2 wks ago

      The Sistaco system is basically base coat and chrome powder. If you’re looking for solid colours, Opallac is your best bet.

    • 4 mths, 1 w ago

      I will have to have a look at it 🙂 thank you

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