1 w, 5 days ago

Beautyheaven fan subreddit

Hi Beauties,

A Beautyheaven fan subreddit now exists for any members wishing to communicate with each other without running up against glitches in the forums.

To be clear, it is not an official Are Media subreddit.

You can join it here: r/beautyheavenaus


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  • 1 w ago

    That is a great idea.

  • 1 w, 2 days ago

    Great idea Lucy!
    My username on there is “Rinoaeris”, just incase anyone sees me and thinks I’m a random troll LOL

  • 1 w, 4 days ago

    I tried a couple of cool names but they were taken, the one suggested to me by reddit was awful, so I’ve just stuck with my BH username.

  • 1 w, 4 days ago

    Thanks, @Lucy16! I’ve just joined Reddit, so excuse my inexperience if I stuff up my posts there.

    So far, I only know who you are, @Lucy16.

    What are other members’ Reddit usernames? I want to know who’s who there.

    • 1 w, 3 days ago

      Sounds like a good idea but I can’t be bothered joining anything else.

  • 1 w, 5 days ago

    It was created as an alternative communication channel.

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