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Are BONUS points for ‘first to review’ happening or not?

I haven’t been getting any bonus points for ‘first to review’ for many months now and I am wondering if it’s just a glitch in my account as to why I’m not getting them anymore or is everyone not getting them?

It does currently still say on the RR FAQS page that we do still get the bonus points for this reason:

Review: bonus points for being the first to review a new product on site +5

But it’s not happening for me, anyone else?

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  • I reviewed a product that I received from the RR and it wasn’t a first review, however because it was a RR product next to my review it has Member Rewards.
    I haven’t received any points yet, so when I do I will check to see if I received any bonus points for reviewing a RR purchase.

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    I’ve never heard of bonus points for being the first to review an item. Have I missed something?

  • 1 w, 4 days ago

    I’ve submitted a few first reviews & I haven’t received any bonus points.

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    I’ve had two first reviews published without getting the bonus points in the past couple of months. For the first one, BH team manually applied the bonus points after a few emails. For the second one, I have sent four emails but it still hasn’t been applied.

    The points are not being automatically applied in any case, even though BH told me that it should be automatic next time when they fixed up the first.

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    I also recall a member brought this up, emailed BH and they said bonus points are not being allocated anymore but I can’t locate the post.

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    @Misfortune8 I hope you are right but this leaves me in a pickle as I have submitted several first reviews and they have not allocated me extra points this whole time.

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    According to the Rewards Room Info page, we’re supposed to still get the +5 points for being the first to review, but in practice, they don’t go through. I’m awaiting 5 points & I’ve emailed repeatedly & used the new form on the “Contact us” page, but so far, they haven’t come through.

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  • 1 w, 5 days ago

    I’m actually having trouble leaving a review for a candle I purchased from the RR. Is anyone else having this problem?
    When I click on the product it takes me to the RR but won’t let me leave a review.

  • 1 w, 5 days ago

    @Normap In the last Rewards Room, we had about a month or so (mid December when parcels were sent out) to begin using products and write reviews before 31st January. But with some member’s needing to review items for trials as well as Rewards Room products, time can be a factor

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    I seem to be having issues with my reviews also. I review a product that I have trialed and it seems to get lost. Recently, I reviewed a second time and that was also lost.

    It has to be a glitch in the system.

    I am sure they are working on it. (especially now we have shared it on the forum)

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      @Ktlou Reviews are not published instantly. It goes through a cursory review process and then is published, and that can take days.

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