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Aldi Ombra Daily Defence Light Feel Sunscreen Is a Dupe for Cancer Council Australia Face Day Wear Matte

Learnt from reddit that even though sunscreens sold in Australia don’t list all the ingredients, you can download the full ingredients lists for sunscreens on the TGA website by searching using the brand or product name.

On each result, you can then download the product sheet with all the information. As some brands have products with similar names, you can verify the product using the ARTG number – what you see on the tube with the ‘AUST L’ in front of the number.

So based on this, here is the sheet for:

The active ingredients are identical in name and concentration. The rest of the ingredients are identical and in the same order. So if you like the cancer council matte face sunscreen, make sure you grab the Aldi one when it comes up as a special buy in the summer months! It only comes up once a year, last year it was $2 a tube!

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