5 days, 19 hrs ago

A plea to BH web development team.

EDIT: please use the dedicated forum thread: New Site Questions

Hi Beauties,

I know it’s not just me getting a wee bit annoyed at the amount of banned words and/or phrases caught up in the WordPress spam blocking plugin.

I’m thinking if we were to commence a dialogue about how this can be resolved, the web team might heed our pleas.

What do you think? ❤️ 😊

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  • 4 days, 22 hrs ago

    While we’re at it, can we do something about the damn error message? It appears I can only type 1 comment in a thread before all my other attempts to comment in other threads get cockblocked by BH. I’ve taken to calling the error message some nasty names, names I shall not repeat here because again, don’t want to be banned for insolence. 😉

    • 4 days, 22 hrs ago

      Hi Seashells,

      Eleni assures us the team are hard at work behind the scenes and hopefully it will get rectified soon.

      For now, we are best posting our feedback in the dedicated thread- “New Site Questions”.

      I started a new forum post not realising Eleni had responded to my query five days ago! My bad! ❤️ 😊

  • 5 days, 2 hrs ago

    Hi beauties!

    Hear you loud and clear 🤗

    For queries and site suggestions can we please keep them to the dedicated forum for this here: https://www.beautyheaven.com.au/forums/topic/new-site-questions/

    This is the one bh staff and developers are checking regularly and it’s best for us to check things off if they’re in the one place.

    In the meantime our team worked really hard on the latest Rewards Room so we hope you’re enjoying it!!

    Thanks so much!


    • 5 days, 1 hr ago

      Hi Eleni,

      Thanks for the heads-up!

      Wish there was a way to move this post to that thread.

      Thanks for all your help, the Rewards Room was thoroughly enjoyable to participate in.


      • 5 days ago

        Glad to hear, we love the feedback! 🙂 Hope you managed to get some goodies!


  • 5 days, 4 hrs ago

    I’ve been saying for a long time and are probably starting to sound like a broken record , but beauty heaven needs to cut the head off the snake. Meaning when a new member joins they must submit a legitimate Australian postal address and have their I.P address checked to make sure they are actually in Australia. Our reviews have to be screened before they go on the site so why can’t a new member be screened too? We all know most of the spammers are overseas, but some are here in Australia so just delete their account, no warning, it’s too time consuming. I feel for staff because in solving one problem, mostly but not completely, genuine members are getting frustrated and leaving or just not coming here as much.

    • 5 days, 4 hrs ago

      You aren’t sounding like a broken record Trackydacky- I agree with you.

      It’s been getting on my goat so much that I decided to create a forum post about it.

      I appreciate that it’s a tremendous job maintaining the site but many of us have left or are considering leaving the forums.

  • 5 days, 4 hrs ago

    The spam-busting moves have worked to reduce spam, but it’s also chased away a LOT of regular forumites!

    This used to be my relaxing place online, but I’ve stormed offline in frustration & anger SO many times!

    • 5 days, 4 hrs ago

      Exactly M8!

      It’s so very frustrating and I miss some of the other regular forumites!

  • 5 days, 4 hrs ago

    I’m just a bit lost in general with the new forum system :\

  • 5 days, 6 hrs ago

    A few days ago I replied to a forum question with a very long comment, with various links to articles, etc. Once I hit “submit”, it just disappeared – not posted but the comment also disappeared. I figured it was probably blocked by the spam filter. I didn’t even get a chance to copy and paste and amend it. It was a good 15 or 20 minutes of my life gone 🙁 I couldn’t be bothered to write it again. I must admit I was annoyed – and seeing that the automatic spam blocking plugin doesn’t work (i.e. spammers continued to spam and members cannot post comments), I’d also say I would love for it to be removed or substituted.

    • 5 days, 4 hrs ago

      Do not worry SJ!
      When comment disappears without being shown red Error message, it goes trough. And gets reviewed and published later on when confirmed it is not spam!
      Especially ones with external multiple links (as the spammers do this BH has filter for this).

      • 5 days, 3 hrs ago

        I got online one day to see a string of comments by me in “Latest Activity”. I nearly sh– myself, thinking I’d been hacked, but they were disappeared posts from weeks before – mostly duplicate posts! I edited as many as I could find to say “Duplicate error”.

        But, not all of my disappeared posts have been posted. Some stay in the ether, eaten by the Bh Error Gremlin!


      • 5 days, 4 hrs ago

        I had a couple of comments appear at a later date, multiplied, as I was trying to post again and again using return button and reposting a bit differently to see if is helps.
        The post will appear.
        Just can not wait for message notification feature to appear as Eleni has said they are working on it. As then we will all know when messages are being posted in our fave forum threads!

      • 5 days, 3 hrs ago

        I’m DESPERATE to get notifications again!

      • 4 days, 6 hrs ago

        M8 I’d be happy to go back to the old site! The notifications, easier to post and overall easier to navigate.

        I’m finding myself lurking and not interacting anymore.

      • 4 days, 6 hrs ago

        Awww 2663anne, we’ve missed you!

      • 4 days, 1 hr ago

        Thanks Lucy, honestly didn’t think anyone would have even noticed I wasn’t posting!

      • 3 days, 21 hrs ago

        We noticed, @2663anne!

        It’s hard to interact on the forum now, so many regulars are absent! 😒

        I’ve just made multiple attempts to reply to another member but have given up because I can’t post!

      • 3 days, 4 hrs ago

        I wonder how many are lurking like me but just not commenting because it’s so challenging and also without the notifications you have to search out replies?

      • 2 days, 22 hrs ago

        Exactly, @2663anne! My latest challenge was trying to reply to you! I didn’t use any links or images. I can’t spot any words in my attempted reply that could be trigger words. Aargh!

      • 5 days, 2 hrs ago

        Me too! Desperately!! I find the forum particularly hard to navigate and keep up with.

      • 5 days, 2 hrs ago

        I’m desperate for notifications too

      • 3 days, 21 hrs ago

        G’day, @Marina_87! Long time, no see!

    • 5 days, 4 hrs ago

      Sometimes when that happens, I click the back button on my browser (I’m on PC) & it reappears in the reply box, so I open a new page, copy & paste my message but remove the links &/or images.

      But sometimes, it disappears for good. I’m so exasperated with the site as it is!

    • 5 days, 5 hrs ago

      How annoying Sj!

      I vote for the web dev team to remove it!

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