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2022 Biggest Beauty Giveaway Trial Team

Original forum thread gone. After updating info.

“For this beautyheaven Biggest Beauty Giveaway 2022 Trial, you’ve been selected to try out and share your thoughts on some exciting products!

Du’it Tough Shield Sanitising Hand Cream
Kiehl’s Retinol Skin-Renewing Daily Micro-Dose Serum
John Plunketts SuperLift Face Lift Serum
Toni & Guy Leave-In Conditioner
Bio Oil Skincare Oil Natural
Ardell Light As Air
Manicare Exfoliating Back Scrubber
Manicare Contour Roller Set

There are now only 8 products included in this trial to review; you will be expected to trial these for approximately 5 weeks and then submit reviews for 8 of the products. The reviews are due for all products on the 15th of July.

Due to the retinol content of the John Plunketts and the Kiehl’s products we ask that you trial the Kiehl’s Retinol Skin-Renewing Micro-Dose Serum product first for 2 weeks (10th June – 24th June), then have a weeks break and trial the John Plunketts SuperLift Face Lift Serum for 2 weeks (1st July – 15th July).” ~BH Team

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  • 7 hrs, 53 mins ago

    Hi ladies, in all the excitement of being on this trial I just realised that the John Plunkett retinol product was missing in the package! I dont know how I missed it, I just assumed it was there! I only realised as today is the 1st July which is when you’re meant to trial the product. I’ve since emailed BH but I suspect it will be too late to send me the product to review. I hope I will not be penalised for this oversight.

    I have finally gotten my hands on the desktop to respond to the forums, it’s been such a headache trying to type on my phone that I have given up. :S rant over.

  • 4 days, 6 hrs ago

    i will be waiting till the 15th to write my reviews. in no hurry

  • 4 days, 19 hrs ago

    I decided not to apply for this trial as I already use tretinoin and I don’t wear false eyelashes. However, I’m enjoying reading the feedback!

  • 4 days, 20 hrs ago

    I’ve noticed that reviews have been posted by quite a few members for the trial products and BH has had no issues publishing them. I know we have to trial the John Plunketts last after the Kiehl’s, but are we supposed to trial everything else for the full 5 weeks, or can we start posting reviews for everything except the John Plunketts product? Confused.

    And how are we supposed to notify BH about the instagram post for the Kiehl’s product? Via email or just include the link in the Kiehl’s review?

    • 3 days, 14 hrs ago

      Yay! I can finally reply. I haven’t been able to log into forums for a few days.
      I was on a previous trial with bonus points given if I posted on IG,
      Beautyheaven sent me an email and asked me to send a screen shot of my post, which I sent to them.

      Edit: I’ve just checked and my bonus points have been awarded! Thank you Beautyheaven. It did a few weeks to show up though, so be patient.

      • 3 days, 14 hrs ago

        @Claire88 I would chase in a month in July. June is an extremely busy time for most businesses because of end of financial year. I cannot stress this enough to anyone else reading this.

      • 3 days, 14 hrs ago

        @Ethelinde You are right of course, but I just checked after reading Claire’s comment and my points are in.

        EDIT for the L’oreal Trial – not this one.

    • 4 days, 16 hrs ago

      Good Question! I would presume that you will need to tag Beauty Heaven in the post and make sure your settings are in Public Mode.

      • 4 days, 12 hrs ago

        Thanks @Shali_Nialler, it seems like my reply to you disappeared. I thought of tagging too but our instagram username may not be the same as BH username so they wouldn’t know who’s who. So it looks like an email is still necessary.

      • 4 days, 8 hrs ago

        my plan was to temporarily put my BH user in my insta bio just so they know 🙂
        But an email is a good idea

    • 4 days, 20 hrs ago

      @Jupiter I have honestly deflated since my rant about this. I will abide by the rules even if others won’t. That said, I don’t think there is an issue posting reviews for products that really do not require 5 weeks to show results, e.g. the back scrubber. My original concern was that the claims made by at least one review regarding retinol results were totally bogus.

      In relation to the Kiehl’s Instagram post, I recall somewhere that CCW emailed BH about it and they said you could email them with a link to the post.

      • 4 days, 19 hrs ago

        @Ethelinde, thanks for the reply. I am just a bit confused as to what the ‘rules’ actually, given this is a longer trial period than usual. I’ve dug up the trial email and it says this:

        > There are 9 products included in this trial; __you will be expected to trial these for approximately 5 weeks__ and then submit reviews for all 9 of the products. The reviews are due for all products on the 15th of July.

        > Due to the retinol content of the John Plunketts and the Kiehl’s products we ask that you trial the Kiehl’s Retinol Skin-Renewing Micro-Dose Serum product first for 2 weeks (10th June – 24th June), then have a weeks break and trial the John Plunketts SuperLift Face Lift Serum for 2 weeks (1st July – 15th July).

        I guess we can safely submit the Kiehl’s review now if we wish.

  • 5 days, 16 hrs ago

    So far so good with the Kiehls, no reaction. I’ve done a patch test a few days for the John Plunkets retinol and now ready to start trialing, I’ll probably use a few times a week rather than taking the week off and see how I go.

  • 5 days, 20 hrs ago

    Just reading all the comments from so many familiar BH members. I have hardly been on any trials, just offered 2 in the past 3 years and not really exciting ones either like this one. I used to get good offers. Even wrote to BH asking why no offers and they explained they are offered to specific members who meet requirements. I know some ladies are in my age demographic and always trialling great products. Other products don’t require a certain age group. Happy to see so many long term members on this one though. Since moving to Qld and the shutdown of events I do miss actually seeing everyone too in Sydney. Life as we knew it is no longer! I was in the loop previously with trials and events but now I feel very alone in the BH world. Even the change in website has a way of excluding responses, and I seem to miss so much.

    This trial has some great products and I have used a few of them already in the past, unless they are an improved formula. Enjoy!

  • 6 days, 9 hrs ago

    One item I like we don’t review.

  • 6 days, 11 hrs ago

    Is anyone getting a reaction to the Kiehl’s Retinol? I’m ready to change over to the John Plunkett Serum. I was fine with the Retinol in the beginning. The last two days I’ve got skin sensitivity, redness and skin peeling.

    • 6 days, 10 hrs ago

      @Perthchick – I didn’t have any problems with the Kiehls at all. If you are having those types of skin problems I would say to stop it and wait a week before starting on the John Plunkett Serum. I am using that one now and I have always used Retinol but finding this one is a bit irritating for my liking but just giving it a few more days to see.

      • 6 days, 9 hrs ago

        Thanks @Jatz I think my skin needs a break. I’ve used retinol before but intermittently.

      • 6 days, 6 hrs ago

        @Perthchick Sounds normal. I would reduce the frequency for a bit and miss a day here or there, depending on how tolerant your skin is already to retinol.

  • 1 w, 3 days ago

    Too disappointing. I would like have a try next time.

  • 1 w, 4 days ago

    Well really when you think about it, BH published the reviews so ultimately they shouldn’t have published them and told the member/members in question that the products were given dates to be trialled etc and that needed to be followed or you will be removed from the trial team.

    This is just my opinion on it and I don’t agree with not following the trial times etc unless they contacted BH in regards to this.
    And again this is just my opinion.

    • 1 w, 2 days ago

      I’m using the Bio Oil on my body.

    • 1 w, 4 days ago

      @Divine Diva We established a long time ago that reviews are not really reviewed. A cursory glance at some of the shocking entries that have been published can tell you that. In this case, it takes more than merely looking at one review to see there is a real possibility she has not actually used one of the products. She has also not followed explicit instructions to trial both retinol products at different times as set out in the trial email we all received. The second trial period for one of the retinol products has not even begun yet.

      • 1 w, 4 days ago

        @Ethelinde, this actually makes sense as some reviews I have read have been shocking to the point of the person not actually having used the product, but wanting to try it and writing a review about that.
        It is disappointing when I know a lot of members put time and effort into there reviews.

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