Treating your feet to a regular foot bath is not only a great way to give yourself a little pamper, it’s also an effective way of eliminating toxins, de-stressing and rejuvenating dry or swollen skin. As an area of our body that takes on a lot of stress and is most prone to developing tough, dry areas of skin, it’s important not to forget about giving our feet a little TLC every so often with a foot care regime.

If you’re relatively time-poor, a foot spa could be your perfect solution – quick and easy to put together and ideal for setting up in front of the tele while you’re watching your nightly soap, you’ll wonder what you ever did without one. Here’s how to whip one up…

Homemade foot bath
What you’ll need:
A large, deep container wide enough to fit your feet
½ a cup of full cream milk
3 tablespoons of olive oil

1.    Half fill your container with warm water. (Avoid using hot water, which will actually dry feet out).
2.    Pour in your ingredients and give a quick swirl.
3.    Set up in front of the tele and soak for 20 mins. Wine in hand: optional.

And there you have it! Your very own homemade foot bath, using just a couple of everyday ingredients you can find in your kitchen in just three simple steps. So easy to mix up, this foot care treatment will leave you feeling relaxed all over and the combination of creamy milk and rich olive oil will leave your feet beautifully soft, smooth and nourished.

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