Too hot to handle

01 Feb 2011 17:00 PM | Posted by Editor
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OMG. I’m having a meltdown – literally. It’s currently 36 degrees in Sydney, and the air-conditioning in our building has decided to die on us. I’m seriously so hot I’m sweating from places I didn’t even know could produce sweat!!

If I could have my wish list fulfilled right now, it’d include the following:

1.) A massive swimming pool to dive into (or at this rate even a small puddle would do).

2.) A never-ending pack of Frosty Fruits to help keep me cool in a tasty way.

3.) A degree in air-conditioning science so I could go up into the roof and fix this damn thing!

Unfortunately I have none of the above. What I do have at my disposal are these few saviours that are helping me get through the day:


Nutrimetics Soul Renewal Corsica Cooling Foot Crème

They say that if your feet are cool, the rest of your body will feel cool too, so I decided to give the theory a go with this revitalising foot cream. While I can’t say that my entire body feels that much colder, it has definitely refreshed my sweaty feet!

Sheer Cover Refreshing Face Mist

It’s official – when you’re feeling as hot and sweaty as I am, there’s nothing better than spritzing your face with a cold mist (tip: pop it in the fridge for a while for a really refreshing experience). This product has definitely helped keep my complexion feeling hydrated and sweat-free.

NIVEA Deodorant Energy Fresh

When things get this hot and sweaty, it’s time to call in the big guns (no-one wants to run the risk of stinking out the office after all!) This multi-purpose deo not only keeps perspiration at bay, but it also leaves you feeling fresh and energised. Plus it smells great too!



Have you ever been so hot you literally don’t know what to do with yourself? What are your tips for surviving the heat?